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    Pet hates in fly tying

    Alice Conba ( Irish International Fly Dresser ) once said to me ‘ tie at least one fly every day’! With that advice and a year of lockdown I for one have become slightly better at tying flies. I now like to think that I’m mastering thread tension, proportions, material preparation, head size and...
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    My Fishing Mate Whitehouse

    It takes two Steven! You have been more than a friend to me and I have a lot to thank you for. Long may we fish together even if it’s only two or three times a year. now stop making me blush!
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    Potential fishing location (Ottery, Cornwall)

    Fandango, look at your personal messages!
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    Covid 19 exist strategy steps and fishing

    The E.A. are also in ‘Lockdown’ ! We have a pollution incident on one of our beats due to Fly Tipping. The E.A has phoned the perpetrator and told him he’s a naughty boy. They refuse to attend the site in order to make an assessment despite it being in a very rural location.. our club has...
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    Strange noise at night

    Wife says Tawny Owl
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    Strange noise at night

    It’s the lesser spotted bamboo bird!
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    Keeping it dry!

    When I’m out for a days fishing I often have to allow for rain. With my fly vest worn over my coat, it’s going to get wet! If I use my back pack it too will get a soaking! Dressed in chest waders , waterproof coat and hat, I’m as dry as I can make it but all my kit is getting wet! How do you...
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    More than just another fly fisherman

    I have always found other fly fishermen to be friendly but for the last 48 hrs Mr. Trout has been more than just a friend. After my car was hit by a wayward motorist on Wednesday Steven waited with me at the roadside for over four hours while the AA got their act together and arranged a recovery...
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    Why the E.A. Don’t take action

    This forum often brings pollution incidents to our notice leaving many of us wondering why the authorities don’t take action against the polluter. However, The 2015 Deregulation Act S 108 places a duty on the ‘Regulater’ (EA) to promote business. I believe this leaves the E.A. very reluctant to...
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    Wimbleball Fly Fishery

    Two of us fished this Lake under its new management yesterday. Despite cold conditions we both bagged up with some of the best fighting rainbows I have ever found in a south west reservoir. With fish up to 5lbs, the smallest at just 2.5lbs, we went away very contented! Fishing from a brand new...
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    flyrite dilly wax

    Now you may laugh at this , call me a twit or admire my younger looking skin but the one floatant I would recommend for everything except CDC is ALBOLENE! This moisturising cleanser ( I found mine on Amazon ) is used a lot by fly fishermen in the States both for treating dry flies and fly lines...
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    Waterproofing a vest

    If, like me you are an all weather fisherman, how do you keep your vest from becoming waterlogged? Do you just wear it under your coat? Do you put a poncho over the whole lot? Better still, do you know of something that you can treat it with so it throws of the rain? Please don't suggest that I...
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    D rings, what use are they?

    Despite having a number of items with D rings attached, I can't recall ever finding a use for them. I find they are too thick to take a clip-on item or simply located in the wrong place to serve any useful purpose. Apart from the one on the back of my vest which takes a net, the rest seem...
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    March 2016 Caption Competition - Sponsored by Allen Fly Fishing

    Despite the Trout, just pull it out! To hell with up stream thinking!
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    Fly tieing clubs in Cornwall

    The nearest club may well be the one at Roadford Lake run by Wes Ower. Give him a bell on 01566 780589. He can only say no!
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    Effect of Chernobyl Radiation - Wales/Cumbria/Elsewhere

    I am far more concerned, and have been for many years, about the level of Oestrogen in our water. Due to the use of the contraceptive pill, the chemicals of which are not extracted from our waste water, all of us are likely to be affected to some extent. Poor sperm counts and low birth rates...
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    Fly vest V pack. Pros and cons?

    When in a boat I take a bag that has hooks ,keeping it up on the gunnel ,off of the wet deck. When on the river for the day I take my vest with a back pocket. In that I have my lunch , light waterproof and drink. However, if I fill all the front pockets with fly boxes , tippet etc. etc, I find...
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    Forumites Review - slight return!

    Furled leaders
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    South West Fly Fair 2014

    Roadford Lake tomorrow 1st. Of March 10 am - 4pm Fly tying demonstrations and clinics, Trade stands, Guest Speakers Bar and refreshments.
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    A Spring Show

    Just at the right time! The South West Fly fair, Roadford Lake, 1st. Of March