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    My first build, Bloke XGNP 10ft 7wt

    I've two Bloke #10's . My marginal preference is for the "beefier" bloke-built SLP rather than the self build xgnp. They both cast well for me, though I've never made a comparison with similar lines as one will be set up with floating and the other with intermediate or sinking.
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    Fishing neck lanyard

    Two or three simms type retractors on the webbing of your life jacket may suit you.
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    Buying hooks.

    Gary if you are starting to tie flies check out ebay for a dead mans fly tying kit - it will have a huge supply of hooks as well as materials sold by relatives who have no idea how much it all cost. Here's an example that came up from googling "fly tying materials job lot" condition used...
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    US Striped Bass numbers

    I received a circular on conservation of declining east coast US striper stocks focussed on correct catch and release practice. Some of the numbers were amazing to me. Bad catch and release is identified as the biggest cause of fish mortality and apparently more fish die after being released...
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    Baked Boobie Eyes?

    Uh? surely crunchier. What is a baked booby?
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    Unknown floating line

    I suggest an amendment to your posting " I can try to sell the line after adding a braided loop I guess."
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    Orvis on the High Street

    I never realised that
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    Under rated tackle and over rated tackle

    This was the seller, he probaly still has it
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    New line

    To state the obvious I assume that you aren't pulling the line off the side of the spool like casting with a fixed spool reel. This is the method I use. Attach the line to the backing on the target reel. Then go to the top of the stairs and unwind the line from the spool and let it tumble down...
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    Under rated tackle and over rated tackle

    I had to sit on my hands to convince myself that I didn't need another one. The seller had originally listed the XLA with a Koma spare spool with a starting price of 60, after his error had been pointed out he relisted it at 50.
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    Unknown floating line

    I'd be interested too, but what does the front end of a brand new line look like compared with one that's simply been trimmed off with a knife or pair of scissors? (obviously no welded loop or laser engraving). Does the line end abruptly or is there any degree of taper to the tip? If there is...
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    Premiership Rugby

    A lot of people had a lot of goodwill and admiration towards Pat Lam and Bristol built up over the past couple of years. He completely blew it in the space of a few seconds by his lying and then by not confessing and apologising in the post match interview.
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    Under rated tackle and over rated tackle

    The Koma is the cheap version of the machined, superior drag XLA (I've 4 of them, plus a load of spools) one went on ebay for £62 yesterday.
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    Unknown floating line

    Lines are typically 85ft (rare), 90, 100 105 or 120 ft. I've never heard of one being less than 85 ft. I think pruning is the explanation, possibly by a propellor.
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    Under rated tackle and over rated tackle

    Is the GL3 under-rated? probably lower profile than other Loomis rods but I'd have thought still highly rated. When I bought mine in 99 it was the most expensive rod I owned, so I wouldn't have regarded it as middle to entry level. I wouldn't regard TFO and Reddington as under-rated, in my...
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    Tapered Leader

    None of those reasons make sense to me, but that's your choice.
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    Tapered Leader

    Why on earth would you use bimini's for baby/medium tarpon? The objective of a bimini in a leader is to fish a lighter leader to comply with IGFA record fish regulations, so not applicable for juvenile fish. Absolutely agree about following basic principles, one of which is don't...
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    Slow intermediates

    Don't forget Hover and mini tip intermediates from 3 to 15ft. I bought a short mini-tip a couple of years ago after being outfished by a boat partner fishing one who swore it was the secret of his success. I don't think I've used it yet.
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    Would you do anything about this?

    The shiny bit seems as though it is under the reel foot, so you don't need to worry about the flash scaring fish.
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    Fishing under Pilons

    Might need an Understanding Pono thread.