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    Where is ‘Chicken Legs’ on Menteith?

    It’s not on my map and I’m hoping to include the area when fishing tomorrow evening. Len
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    Loch Leven for first time

    Fishing Loch Leven on Sunday. So used to chasing rainbows on my local stillwater some recommended flies and tactics would be welcome. Len
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    Anyone use Troutline? Their small print says that wee parcels are free but I only seem to get postal options of about twenty quid which I’m not paying for a few packets of dubbing. Len
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    Andrew’s Scruffy Dubbing

    I’m sure I am only telling you what most of you already know but the above dubbing is excellent and Andrew’s service is first class. I have just bought Golden Olive and Highland Peat and happily tied up a few flies. Easily dubbed and looks good. Will be buying more of his selection. See him on...
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    A nice find

    Found this amongst my late father’s fly tying kit. Away to tie some spiders.
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    Dick Walker’s Mayfly(variation)

    In an oldish fly tying book I came across this mayfly tying encouraging the use of a touch of hot orange.
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    FNF Talon vice update

    As mentioned previously I have one of these vices. I am absolutely delighted with it. I have had no problems at all with it so was a bit mystified to hear rumours of an update for the jaws. Low and behold a new set of jaws have arrived. Gratis. Free of charge. Kevin Porteous explains in a...
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    When subtle fails!

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    Crippled Midge

    For use very soon!
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    The Found Link: Hackle Stacker

    A few of the above thanks to You Tube and advice from Cap’n Fishy. Trickier to tie than you might think but should do the trick.
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    Large Mayfly Dun

    A couple of flies that will hopefully get a swim soon. Len
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    Lough Arrow Mayfly variant

    Wondered if this would be any good on say Menteith?
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    Worm fly (long shank variation)

    If Stan Headley says this fly is indispensable that’s good enough for me.
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    Angling Active

    Shocked to rather belatedly discover that AA’s new Dunfermline shop is not reopening!
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    Marchmont Spider and Stickman?

    Guy fishing on the Tay for brownies was having great success with two flies. I’m sure this is what he called them. Any pictures or recipes?
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    Olive Ace of Spades

    Not my best tie but might catch a fish or two.
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    Scottish travel restrictions lifted

    As of Friday travel restrictions lifted but no staying overnight yet. See BBC news for details.
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    Some dries for my next outing.

    From the sublime to the ridiculous.
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    Pheasant tail wet fly

    My attempt at a Davy McPhail number.
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    When is it too windy for you?

    If you were planning a day out on your local Stillwater and the forecast was windy at which speed would you decide to leave it for another day? 20 knots, 25, 30! Interested for both boat and bank fishing.