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    Vise Pawn

    Just repurposed the wee magnet from the clasp on a 'phone cover , seems strong enough .
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    Speechless .

    Reports of the engine and GPS having been stolen of a Search and Rescue Zodiac for Corrib and Mask :mad:.
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    JHNIC Hair Stacker

    I've just had a try out of my new stacker , size Large , and I like it , a lot . You can see 15mm of the tips without opening it:thumbs:
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    Scotty90 , good dealer .

    I bought a rod off Scott , and would like to say that I'm very pleased with the goods , as good as new condition :thumbs:.
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    Snowbee Spectre Handle ?

    I fancy one of these,currently on sale, in a 10' 5#.The handle though is a full wells or not ?.
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    Dave Downie

    Received my Order this morning, very happy with the service and quality.The Silverback Grey Marabou looks particularly interesting, recommended :thumbs:.
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    Airflo Super Stik MKII 10' 6", opinions.

    I like the 10' 6" format for boat fishing,and would be using it as a heavy duty Loch rod, any advice, opinions appreciated.
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    Loop FW G4

    Current and former owners , why did you keep or get rid . The current offer from John Norris looks tempting .
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    Received my order , very happy . Good gear , good price , good service . A selection of nice Scottish Roe Hair next , I think :thumbs:.
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    Torqeedo 2.0T

    Any of you yet see one of these in use on a lake boat to replace a 5 HP outboard. Rgds , Gerry. Please disregard , covered elsewhere .
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    Zimms Fly Reel

    Anyone have an opinion on or knowledge of these reels.Stevie Munn sells them on his website ,but I can't see them anywhere else. Rgds, Gerry.
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    Sage XP 11' #6, Opinions.

    I've seen 2 of these for sale on the bay of plenty lately and am curious as to suitability as a lake rod .Any of you used one . Rgds, Gerry.
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    Green NRX

    So Loomis finally copped on ,as reported on MidCurrent ,anyone got a look at the new livery yet. Rgds , Gerry.
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    Red Truck

    Anyone have any experience of this outfit , in particular their own brand rods .They have a 10' #7 listed , looks interesting . Rgds Gerry ---------- Post added at 04:24 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:20 PM ---------- Should have said Leland Outfitters not Redtruck ( rod brand ) . Rgds...
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    Atom Six Rod

    Steve , Confirm delivery of the Tachyon 10' 7# to me today . Guys , the build quality on this rod is superb .The cork looks better than either of my Sage Z Axis rods . Rgds , Gerry .
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    Sink Line Rod #7 or #8

    I will be ordering a 10' Boat Rod Rod for DI3 , 5 & 7 .The rod will be fished on Irish Lochs, not Reservoirs .Which line weight would you opt for .