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    Portuguese fishing licence

    Starting this year, fishing licences are being issued through Balcão Eletrónico do Mar (BMar) The site is in both Portuguese and English , but the main point is that it takes 5 days to issue the license (3 days if you pay double!!) so best to plan ahead. One year license...
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    Lovely couple of hours on the lower Mondego

    A nice push of water when I got there at around 4 pm today with the water still comfortable for wet wading. I set up a kink and dink, second cast I hooked a mullet of about a pound. As I was playing him I saw a big tail waving at me about 20 yards further upstream. Covered him and got a take...
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    First of the season on the Mondego, Coimbra, Portugal

    After a very wet Winter and Spring with very high water coupled with Coronavirus lockdown, it was great to be back on the river on a warm Spring evening with medium-high but clear water and fish showing everywhere. In the space of a couple of hours I caught several Barbel, the best one is in...
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    Fishing propsects near Cluj-Napoca, Romania

    I will be in Cluj-Napoca, Romania during the last week of May. Can anybody point me to some good trout/grayling rivers in this area. Willing to rent car and travel if needed. I will be very grateful for any information.
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    Leven and Menteith in the middle of May

    I will be in Glasgow for a couple of days in the middle of May and if the weather is promising (i.e. not overly cold) I was thinking of renting a car for two more days and fishing Loch Leven on one of the days and Mentieth on the other day (I assume it is a bit early for seatrout in Lomond). My...
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    Llyn Coron outing, 19-6-13

    The day was warm and sunny when I arrived at about 4 pm. It was the fist time fishing this lake for me although I had wanted to for many years. The lake can be waded safely in almost all spots, with the exception of some boggy spots where streams come in. There are extensive weedbeds which...
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    SBS for picric acid dyeing ?

    Can anyone give a SBS for picric acid dyeing, I love the picric colours that I have seen on the flies photographs in this section of the forum. A flyfishing dealer in Bilbao is selling it. I´m a bit surprised that it´s available since in the dry state it is quite explosive. I assume it comes...
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    St Croix Avid 4 piece 9 foot #4

    Is there any European St Croix distributor or anyone that wants to offload a 9 foot #4, 4-piece St Croix Avid rod? I have a 9-foot #6 already and it´s my favourite for light SWFF, now I would like to have her little sister for river fishing. The other option is to order from US and have one of...
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    Green Mucilin okay for Cortland Sylk line

    I have a Cortlank Sylk line and the little pad with floatant that came with the line is almost finished. I was going to get a tin of mucilin, but should it be the red or the green?
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    More cowdung!

    This is my contribution to the small-stream fly swap Parachute Cowdung: Dressing: Hook: Size 16 Varivas Lightweight Thread: Danville 6/0 Orange Body: Seal fur 80/10/10 Insect green/amber/lemon yellow Hackle: Light ginger cock coloured with Pantone olive (119-T) A note about...
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    Double hander for SWFF - suggestions for flyline

    Well, I got fed up of fighting 2 meter swells off the beach with my 9 footer and just finished building a 13.5 foot #8 double hander. The idea is to be able to stand a few meters further up the beach and cast and fish over the waves. This will be especially important for night fishing. Now I...
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    Fishing around Killarney, middle of May next year

    If all goes to plan, I will be in Killarney on around May 15-22 of next year ostendibly attending a conference, but of course looking for a chance to fish. I was thinking principally of small river trout fishing, but would also consider a 1/2 day or full day salmon (maybe on the Blackwater) if...
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    San Francisco June 6-10

    I will be in San Francisco from June 6-10 and will take the SWFF rod with me. I was wondering what would be available, either by myself from the shore or a day or 1/2-day guided trip in SF Bay (boat). Any stripers around at this time? I will be very grateful for any information
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    Mullet flies

    Okay, I have the straitjacket and padded cell already booked ahead of time, but I am going to have a serious go at some mullet this summer. I have read about the seaweed fly maggots found in washed-up rotting seaweed but I made an interesting observation last summer in the Algarve. Turning over...