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    Patagonia Middle Fork Waders Regular/Small - SOLD

    Now SOLD. Patagonia Middle Fork Waders, brand new in box. Worn once in the house, to test the fit. They're the very lightweight waders that Patagonia produced a few years ago. I've gotten fat thanks to Covid, so they no longer fit. There's no sizing info for this on the patagonia website...
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    Small fly box for dry flies

    Anyone got any suggestions for a small fly box which is fairly deep so won't crush my big dry flies. For reference I've got a tacky day box, which is 12.5cms x 7.5cms x 2cms. It's a great size, just not deep enough to take larger flies. I basically want something small I can drop in my back...
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    One rod for salmon/sea trout/pike/salt

    I appreciate this is probably a bit of a tall order, but I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a rod in the 8-10 weight category, probably a double hander? I'll probably use it most for Salmon if there are any still on my local river next year. But if it'll double up for pike and...
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    Hi from Wales

    Hi, I used to fish a few years ago when I was young. Everytime I go on holiday I get a hankering to go out fishing again. I also happen to live near the Usk as well. So I'm thinking off the odd easy going evening out fishing when the kids are asleep. I love spending time out in nature and...