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    mottled tungsten beads

    I bought some brown mottled tungsten beads from the USA a few months ago and I really like them. Last week, I tried to get mottled light olive but my usual suppliers are not sending to England. Does anyone know supplier for mottled tungsten beads across this side of the pond ? TIA Jim.
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    Barbless equivalent to B175

    I'm looking for a barbless alternative to the B175, having similar gauge, gape and length etc. Thanks, Jim
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    Small fly display clips

    I'm looking for display clips for size 26-30 hooks. With fingers like sausages, I also find it difficult to hold them when fishing. Is there a kit out there for managing small flies at the waterside ? Thanks, Jim.
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    E-Z shape sparkle body

    I have finally run out of my stash of E-Z shape sparkle body (Pearl). As far as I know, it is not made anymore. Does anybody know if there a supplier with some old stock, or do I have to try and make the stuff myself. Thanks in advance, Jim.
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    Hanak H300BLG hooks - size 14

    Does anyone know where I can get the above hooks in these difficult times ? Stay safe, Jim.
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    Size 22 barbless hook

    Can anyone recommend a size 22 barbless hook with a reasonably wide gape ? Cheers, Jim.
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    Dikdik hair patch

    I've searched for Dikdik hair without any joy, Does anyone know where I can get it ? Many thanks, Jim.
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    Waterproof marker

    I'm sure this was posted before, but I cannot find it .... apologies to all. What is the best waterproof marker out there ?
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    Size 21 TMC103BL

    Can someone please suggest a suitable alternative for the size 21 TMC103BL. Everyone is out of stock and I do not want to go across the pond for them as the penalties are too severe. Thanks, Jim.
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    Hanak H300BLG size 14 hooks

    Does anyone know where I can get the above hooks ? Cheers, Jim.
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    Hanak H300BLG size 14

    I have tried all the usual GB and European suppliers for size 14 H300BLG hooks and have had no luck. I have also tried the USA, but the order will be over £14 so I will probably receive a letter from customs costing me £12 and have to pay import tax to boot ! Does anyone know where I can get...
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    Hanak BLG hooks

    I cannot locate Hanak 300BLG or 400BLG hooks, they are not even on the Hanak site ? Any ideas would be appreciated. Cheers, Jim.
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    Barbless swimming nymph hook

    I cannot find a barbless swimming nymph hook, does anyone make them ? Thanks, Jim.
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    Barbless gold grub hooks

    I am looking for the above hooks in 14's and 16's but not having much luck. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jim