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    Keeping it dry!

    When I’m out for a days fishing I often have to allow for rain. With my fly vest worn over my coat, it’s going to get wet! If I use my back pack it too will get a soaking! Dressed in chest waders , waterproof coat and hat, I’m as dry as I can make it but all my kit is getting wet! How do you...
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    More than just another fly fisherman

    I have always found other fly fishermen to be friendly but for the last 48 hrs Mr. Trout has been more than just a friend. After my car was hit by a wayward motorist on Wednesday Steven waited with me at the roadside for over four hours while the AA got their act together and arranged a recovery...
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    Why the E.A. Don’t take action

    This forum often brings pollution incidents to our notice leaving many of us wondering why the authorities don’t take action against the polluter. However, The 2015 Deregulation Act S 108 places a duty on the ‘Regulater’ (EA) to promote business. I believe this leaves the E.A. very reluctant to...
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    Wimbleball Fly Fishery

    Two of us fished this Lake under its new management yesterday. Despite cold conditions we both bagged up with some of the best fighting rainbows I have ever found in a south west reservoir. With fish up to 5lbs, the smallest at just 2.5lbs, we went away very contented! Fishing from a brand new...
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    Waterproofing a vest

    If, like me you are an all weather fisherman, how do you keep your vest from becoming waterlogged? Do you just wear it under your coat? Do you put a poncho over the whole lot? Better still, do you know of something that you can treat it with so it throws of the rain? Please don't suggest that I...
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    D rings, what use are they?

    Despite having a number of items with D rings attached, I can't recall ever finding a use for them. I find they are too thick to take a clip-on item or simply located in the wrong place to serve any useful purpose. Apart from the one on the back of my vest which takes a net, the rest seem...
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    South West Fly Fair 2014

    Roadford Lake tomorrow 1st. Of March 10 am - 4pm Fly tying demonstrations and clinics, Trade stands, Guest Speakers Bar and refreshments.
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    A Spring Show

    Just at the right time! The South West Fly fair, Roadford Lake, 1st. Of March
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    White tail

    Can anyone tell me where I could purchase some Texas or Florida Whitetail Deer Fur. I want to tie up some small dry flies and my link to a U.S. supplier has proved unsuccessful . This stuff needs to be nice and fine. Thanks. Rod.
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    North to ...........?

    How far north do the grayling go in the UK ? You can find them in Alaska and Norway . So how far into Scotland do they swim?
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    Where has the Danica website gone? I cant seem to find it!
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    Wire for Snakes

    Can anyone tell me where I can purchase suitable wire that can be used to make snake guides? I'm into cane rod making and would like to try my hand at the simple task of 'Twisting' my own guides. Thanks, Rod.
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    Where can I purchase.........

    ......... A threaded 60 deg. tip to fit the end of my depth guage ? Also a 4.5ft. 650 watt Mica heating element for the oven I want to make A La Wayne Cattanach? Is it realistic to suppose I can find a Mica element in this country or am I reduced to making a 'Hot Air Gun' type oven? I would be...
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    LAW to retire

    I have just been told that Lawrence Waldron is about to retire. Recognised as one of the premiere designers of fly tying vices, his name is legendary amongst fly dressers world wide. Over the years he has produced reels, planing forms,vices and accessories the likes of which we will not see...
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    Safety in a boat

    For years now I have been wearing a 'Crewsaver' life Jacket when fishing from a boat on stillwater. Being in the habit of also wearing a fishing vest with all the associated gear, I find the jacket gets in the way & is very bulky. It's time to replace it now & I would appreciate any advice as...
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    Spring in Assynt

    Instead of fishing the Aberdeenshire Don at the end of April I am due to travel north to Lochinver with a view to fish the lochs of Assynt. Will that part of the world still be too cold for good sport or will there be flies & bugs about to tempt the wee Trout? Any advice gratefully received...
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    Salt O.K. Now, Oestrogen ?

    Thanks for putting my mind at rest regarding road salt & the health of our rivers. Now, can you stop me worrying about the level of Oestrogen in our water & it's ability to turn fish to a single sex? There was a period when the press was full of reports about this & the effect on the human sperm...
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    Salt in the Wound?

    What can we expect once the thaw sets in? All this salt on our roads has to go somewhere & I suspect it will end up in our rivers and lakes. Will mother nature cope with this or shall we see reduced invertebrate & fish stocks? Can anyone out there put my fears to rest? Rod.
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    Upper Seven

    How good is the fishing in the upper seven around Newtown? Were would you stay, when would you go? All information greatly appreciated. Rod
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    The BFFI 2009

    Once again a great show. A Bit more room, no Frenchmen (alas ) but Pearsalls from the past & all those gifted Fly dressers to look up to! Thank you Steve Cooper, I look forward to doing it ( spending that is ) all over again next year. Will that be the 6th. & 7th. Nov. 2010 ?