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    Question re appointing tree surgeon

    We've got quotes from two tree surgeons to deal with a couple of potential health and safety issues and do some other tree work (some at height) but our committee is getting a bit worried about what level of due diligence we should do about the contractors. What level of due diligence do we...
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    Some micro nymphs & dries

    Half a dozen f-flies, 3 ptns & 3 black nymphs on size 24 Varivas 2300 (debarbed) next to a jumbo match :-). Useful for minnows, fingerlings and very spooky fish. Thank you for looking. Richard Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Klink thorax question

    I tie all of my klinks with peacock (or peacock dub) thorax irrespective of the body colour. Do others do the same? Or do you vary it? Thanks Richard Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Four Nemos with slightly messy heads... putting the red holo on the front caused me issues. That said, both the holo head and the opal mirage really catch the light as I walk past them on the table. Thanks for looking. Hook: Fulling mill 5100 size 12 Thread: black sheer 14/0 Tail: red game...
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    Married wing queries

    Hi all, I’m trying to tie some basic married wings - and am having mixed results. Can you guys help with a few questions? 1. Does one wax the thread before the pinch and loop? 2. Should the thread be untwisted I.e. flat during the pinch and loop? 3. After the upward pull on the thread...
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    Are UV buzzers more effective than normal quill?

    Hi all, I have some UV peacock quill. Have people found UV buzzers to outfish normal peacock quill buzzers? And if so, is that at all depths? TIA Cheers Richard
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    Para Adams and ptns

    Lost a few of each today so needed to restock. Even when tying for speed I reckon I struggle to tie a fly in under ten minutes! Body on the paras is muskrat blended with hends hard nc 2 on size 12 hends bl454. The ptns are on tiemco 2499sp-Blb size 18 (great hook for small nymphs!) with a 2mm...
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    Hook recommendation please - barbless 2x wet and 2x dry

    Hi there, Any recommendations please for decent barbless hooks 2x wet and 2x dry? I need to tie some muddlers and wulffs. Cheers Richard
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    A few bugs

    Tinkering with nymph skin from virtual nymph. Two with cdc collars, one with orvis spectrablend nymph. Bead 3.3mm from Allen fishing and hooks hends bl554 size 12. Two of them looks buggy to me. I’ll bet it’s the other one that catches! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Surf candy

    Hi all, My first attempts at surf candy preceding my next attempt to try to catch a (UK) sea bass - I've no idea whether they will interest the bass! They are about 7cm long, tied on a size 2 osprey saltwater. Eyes are 5mm, bug off resin, a few strands of lateral scale and I don't know what the...
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    Does anyone know...

    Hi there A longshot but does anyone know where I can get the “nuts” (for want of the right term) that Mr Petitjean uses on his vice and fly tying accessories? Examples circled in red on the photo Thanks for any help. Cheers Richard Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Midlands reservoirs - fishing well this weekend?

    Hi all, I've been given a pass tomorrow afternoon and am planning on heading up to one of the midlands reservoirs. Is anyone willing to share whether any of them is fishing particularly well/ badly this weekend? boat or bank? All advice welcome. Cheers Richard
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    Rod holder for percecption kayaks - can't use screws...

    Hi all, I am off on holiday this summer. The resort had single and double sit on top Perception kayaks when I last went. These have pre-drilled holes in the hull (I imagine to let the water drain) however the butts of my rod were too big to fit in them. Iain M was kind enough to suggest some...
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    No juveniles last year

    Hi all, Our electrofishing in October 2018 revealed few baby trout and no fingerling grayling - rather a worry. The catch returns don't give any cause for greater optimism. I was wondering if others had found the same thing? Are we an isolated incident? or was it a bad year for trout and...
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    Recommendations for barbless klink hooks please

    Hi all, Any recommendations for barbless klinkhammer hooks? I'd prefer a lightish wire to help me suspend an extra 0.001mg of bead-head nymph under them. Cheers Richard
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    Some tups variants

    Tied on hends size 16 bl404 with sheer primrose 14/0. Tups dubbing as supplied by a generous forum member and then a honey dun hackle. The body looks less yellow than the ones I’ve bought and I’ve seen them tied with blue dun hackle but I don’t imagine the fish will mind. Thank you all for the...
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    Bead question - smooth v reflex/ multi-faceted?

    Hi there Does anyone have any thoughts on whether smooth or reflex (i.e. many faces like a disco ball) beads catch more? I imagine the reflex would catch the light more? or might spook sensitive fish? or it could make no difference at all? and it might slow sink rate (marginally)? I'd love...
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    Whiting Herbert miner capes/ saddles

    Hi all - another question... thank you for your insights. I bought a whiting Herbert miner bronze 1/2 cape a couple of years back and found the quality disappointing (barbs quite far apart, thick rachis - just not great to tie with). The bronze whiting saddles I’ve bought since have been great...
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    What is this cape colouring called?

    Hi all - I’m sorting my capes so I can find them more easily. What is this feather colouring called? I rather like it. Thank you in advance. Richard Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Regular river work - putting together a plan...

    Hi all I'm putting together a draft plan for our club river committee and am conscious I am new to this :) I want to start with annual maintenance activity and build the plan from there. Would one of you be kind enough to cast a quick eye over the activities/ months below and let me know if...