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    super bargain rod?

    Lidl are offering a 2.4 metre (8ft) 5-6 wt rod for £29.99 this week. Out-doing maxcatch?.
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    Cotswold Country shop?

    An advert in the weekend Torygraph for Cotswold Country shop in Cirencester says that apart from clothing and shooting they do fishing tackle, rods and reels. Anyone know the shop? any good for general supplies? Peter
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    Stripped (feather) quills.....any ideas?

    Recently received some ready-stripped quills (from feathers) in error for peacock quills. They are stiffer, lighter colour, and longer with no or little taper. I have wound some onto hooks for spiders and f flies but they do not give the same tapered body shape, nor the same shiny finish even...
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    Gallows tool - useful?

    Just spent some time trying out a gallows tool for klinks. Found it to be more trouble than it's worth, no neater fly and no quicker. Anyone else use one?; should I stick with it and get the hang of it or just use fingers as before? Peter
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    Line for streamers?

    Will be trying some streamers on the river this season, never done it before. Is a fast sinking line best (Di 3 or 5), or a floater with a sinking polytip? Any suggestions welcome. Peter
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    Hodgman Aesis Softshell Jacket, as new

    GONE Recently purchased a Hodgman Aesis Softshell Jacket, size M, but found it slightly large for me. Wore it once. £45 posted.
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    Good news for Welsh fish

    Looks like the Welsh government is putting it's foot down for farmers. Good news if it works. Peter
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    Maxcatch Gold line v Scientific Anglers

    Received my maxcatch Gold WF5 a while ago but haven't been able to go out and use it yet. Thought I'd take it to the park, casting on the grass, and compare with my existing line (Scientific Anglers GPX WF 5, apparently a half size heavy) This had a clean and line lubricant a few weeks ago. Rod...
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    FREE wavehopper life vest waistcoat.

    GONE to a good home. I have replaced my Wavehopper and would like it to go to good use. It's had 3 season's use but is in good condition. The gas valve was replaced last spring. It is free but I would like postage; RM won't take 'cos of the gas bottle, so will use courier. £12, via paypal...
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    GOOD NEWS Message from AT just received....DEFRA has agreed with AT about fishing and it is now allowed, subject to the usual local travel and spacing. See AT website for details. Peter
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    First visit....misconceptions?

    Can't go to my main river because wales is closed. Can't go to my smaller river 'cos it's still flooded. Decided to go to a small fishery not far from home I've seen leaflets and adverts for; a trout farm with a lake attached. Pictures are of a bright lake, with aerators running, fed straight...
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    Rio single hand spey line.....Tried one?

    Looking at a Rio single hand spey line for my spider fishing: I don't nowadays buy overpriced lines but one of the places I fish has many trees behind so need to roll/spey the line. Normally use a WF3 but considering one of the above......anyone tried one? Any comments welcome, Peter
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    Wharfe - any info please?

    Looking at going to the Wharfe at Bolton Abbey later this week. Concerned about the number of tourists/day trippers/picnicers etc; I know the area around the pavilion cafe can get very, very busy. Does anyone know if the crowds decrease going further upstream, past where the 2 waters meet? I've...
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    Which fly to tie?

    Finally getting round to do some tying. Do I tie March Browns, Mayfly, July/August flies, or nymphs for October grayling? Does Boris know the answer.....?
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    River water temperature?

    As the winter just gone has been extremely wet, and there has not as much snow and ice as usual, is it possible that the river water temperatures may be a bit higher than some season starts? If so, does that give the possibility of earlier insect life, and therefore fish feeding activity? Anyone...
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    wet wading?

    pic in this month's FF&FT. Don't think I'll be doing this.
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    Global warming? Proof

    This "global warming" has today stopped me fishing again, it's been raining all day and river is rising again. Proof of global warming? Knickers to that. Peter
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    bug pattern

    Found this little fella caught on a submerged rock. Looks to be a very well made fly, size 16. I have never seen cdc tied in as side whiskers, which gave me thought for future flies. I have tried it and it is very fiddly. Anyone know this pattern? Looks a bit generic but wondered if a named...
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    10ft 7wt wanted

    Looking for a rod for a beginner, 10ft 7wt 4pce, for bank and boat, maybe Demon/mid priced rod or similar up to about £150. A few scratches not important as long as rod solid/rings OK. Was going to advise Shakespeare/Greys or similar but thought I'd see what available first. Please pm me if you...
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    Anglers Lodge

    There are a number of good tackle dealers; what sorts out the superior ones is what happens when, for whatever reason, an order or item is not satisfactory. Anglers Lodge have shown themselves to be in the superior category. Peter