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    Split-Cane rods;

    Nice looking cork work with an interesting bamboo ferrule / sleeve . What’s the script font , looks like Klingon? 😉
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    Steelfin Spectre 4/5 fly reel.

    Very similar to the Ari Hart reels , well made and with some residual value . I would put a price on yours in the £150- £200 range and depending on how badly somebody wants it you may even get more ?
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    How long do lines last

    I have a Maxcatch line that is 75 years old and is fished 9 days a week that shows no signs of cracking , floats high and is incredibly soft and limp with no memory 🙃
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    Replacing the Cork Drag on an 'Old Florida' Fly Reel

    Just reading this so if I am late to the party please forgive me . The usual method for restoring compressed cork to its original shape is to steam it over a pan of boiling water or over a kettle spout , try it , it will work 👍
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    Fly lines very expensive now

    Yes but they won’t last twice as long , you pays your money and you takes your pick 😁
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    2 #2

    The 6623 Kab you will find is a true #3 and not a #2 . You will be very well pleased with this rod 👍
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    Fly lines very expensive now

    A silk line that’s looked after will out live several “plastic “ lines .
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    Another reel ready for Anodising

    Looks reminiscent of an Ari I or II rendition , just saying like 😁
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    Fishing shirts.

    Surely Maxcatch produce a fishing shirt , hand made in Wuhan for all those that like a bargain 😉
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    one for the tackle tarts

    My monies on a Zhu
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    A view of my latest Reel

    That looks very smart and I am sure the purchaser will be incredibly pleased with this reel , very well done Rover 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
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    Quad cane fly rod

    × I hope those who worship at the church of Montagne aren’t reading this 😉
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    Quad cane fly rod

    Respectable maker and the rod will I am almost sure will be of conventional quad design and not an R- Quad
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    Quad cane fly rod

    Quadrates make a distinct noise when cast because their cross section is not as aerodynamic as a hex or a penta. One should also be mindful that irrespective of section geometry a cane / bamboo rod can be made as fast or as slow as the maker wants by simply varying the rods taper irrespective of...
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    Peacock Fly Fishing Club- Wye, Derwent, Bradford and Lathkill

    Which river was this on please ?
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    GSR custom fly fishing reels

    ×Good luck with you new venture and I am sure anyone purchasing one of your commissions will be well pleased with the end result . ×
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    Current Rod builders?

    If money is no object then contact Edward Barber and Callum Gladstone , these are the best we have produced ( now T Moran has passed).
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    Current Rod builders?

    There are approximately 20 UK rodmakers that are still active of which approximately 12 are enthusiastic amateurs who still churn out a quality product . Before you decide on a maker or two to approach I would suggest you set your budget as a tier 1 maker will be in excess of £2000 , a tier 2...
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    Vision Waders?

    I am on season 6 of my Vision Waders and Keeper Boots . I wear mine typically 2-3 times a week and the waders but for two patches due to my own negligence are still holding up . The Vision boots should have been retired a few months ago but I am determined to keep them going for this season .