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    Buzzcut Caddis

    Looks like a good alternative to the mighty Goddard Sedge (at least to replicate the profile of it)!
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    St Croix Legend Ultra

    Hi Gary, St Croix Legend series were good rods but be careful I think St Croix stopped making fly rods a couple of years ago (they keep making casting rods though) so don’t expect much from any warranty... Cheers
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    Under rated tackle and over rated tackle

    Overrated: « made in America ». Don’t get me wrong, a lot of good stuff comes from the US, but the label itself is very overrated with a lot of vastly overpriced mid range/low quality stuff piggybacking on that label... Underrated: Made in Korea rods. People tend to mistake Korea for China...
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    Under rated tackle and over rated tackle

    Frogs Fanny being just silica powder doesn’t make it overrated but just overpriced (ie frogs fanny is pretty unbeatable for reviving a CDC Fly). (Re price, indeed silica powder can be bought in bulk 1L can for the price of 1 small branded frog fanny pot...careful how you handle that stuff...
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    Under rated tackle and over rated tackle

    That’s why you buy Loon rather than Gink ;-) Loon is temperature stable
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    Under rated tackle and over rated tackle

    Underrated: Loop Yellow Line Rods especially 8’8” 4wt (if anyone has one to sell?) and 9’3” 7wt: absolutely buttersweet action for short distance but a total slingshot capable of phenomenal distance with zero effort! Ugly but SO good Overrated: almost any Winston rod series after WT except...
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    Under rated tackle and over rated tackle

    Yes they are today midrange and very good value for money and well rated/known for that. Be it their CT or Butterstick series, these are highly rated products. My point was that PRE Sage, Redington products were very underrated for what they were (even though some were actually very expensive)...
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    Under rated tackle and over rated tackle

    Very very strongly disagree with that, Sage Redington is excellent value for money but PRE Sage Redington was totally underrated yet cutting edge (and accordingly overpriced as they couldn’t get the volumes required to get to a de net price point). Typical example: Redington NTi rods. These...
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    Under rated tackle and over rated tackle

    In that vein, Okuma Helios reel were pretty amazing too
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    Under rated tackle and over rated tackle

    Can’t agree more with that, only gripe I have with them is that they are not available in size 18 and 20... Another underrated: good semi automatic reels (Vivarelli, Peux Fulgor, Thinkfish bold etc): for river fishing these are SO convenient yet don’t have much of a following here and in the US...
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    Under rated tackle and over rated tackle

    Danielsson F3W and L5W are probably the most underrated reels in the game. Specs and performance on par if not better than most big name fancy brands.They are fairly priced too which means they are massively underpriced by industry standards... Barrio lines: fairly priced but massively...
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    Fly identification help

    Hi Ashley What you labelled as “emergers “ look to me like shipman buzzers in various colours. Cheers
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    Cortland Sylk 444 lines;

    Love them too (have the DT3) for short outings making it not worth wetting my natural silk line. Looking for a DT4 and DT5 at the moment so if you see them on sale anywhere please let me know !!! Thinner and more elongated taper than classic 444 peach
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    Reels for your cane and glass rods

    My Italian couple: my Tirocchi with Vivarelli friend (with a Peux revival kit from Switzerland).
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    Aventik semi-automatic

    Alan Agree, never had the problem of line getting between cage and spool on my Viva. Note for the Viva You can buy a Revival kit from Peux which adds an awesome disk drag on your Viva (easily adjusted during the fight as well as it is handle side), and adds a handle too... This is how it...
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    Aventik semi-automatic

    Hi Graeme Remember we discussed a benchmade semi auto, if you now have the time to toy around with the idea I m still your first buyer for that!!!! As discussed, I don’t mind sending my Vivarelli to you for inspiration if it s helpful ! Cheers
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    Hi Get yourself a nice bamboo rod!!! 7’6’´ is a good compromise 4wt if you fish beats exposed to 3wt if no Wind (wading in a tree tunnel) 2wt or below if no wind and only small flied
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    WTB Cortland Sylk DT

    Hi Probably too long a shot but looking for a good condition Cortland Sylk ideally in DT4F, could consider DT5F too. 15-30£ depending on condition Thx
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    Best tippet for large Streamers

    My favourite river streamers: Belly scratcher minnow Mini articulated sex dungeon Butt monkey Half pint And the ever reliable conehead wooly bugger