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  1. Overmiwadrers

    Yorkshire Waters

    Friday after work and this morning I got out for just a few hours on a favourite local small stream Love the mayfly hatch Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Overmiwadrers

    River Rod - What would you recommend?

    On bigger rivers its the Scott for me , smaller rivers I have found the Sage Circa 7ft 9 inch 3 wt . PS I have a Cult 9ft 3wt . And it’s definitely carbon. Although must confess haven’t used it for a while , but carbon it is the cult fibre rods were later . and before anyone says that they...
  3. Overmiwadrers

    Tapered Leader

    yep agree with that, the tapered leaders I use are cheap ones but the 12ft leaders have a considerably thicker butt section and a longer taper compared to the 9ft. I find many leaders have the same butt thickness on all the lengths which to me seems illogical. O M W
  4. Overmiwadrers

    New line

    I use the silk line drier thingy I have, saves so much hastle. Also very useful for swapping mines around on reels .. O M W
  5. Overmiwadrers

    Trotting bamboo rod

    When my dad passed away 18 months ago I inherited his Millwards featherlight . He bought it new when he was about 21. he was 91 when he left us. I intend to take the rod Grayling trotting on the anniversary of his birthday every year. So its 70 years old and still going strong . I will be...
  6. Overmiwadrers

    7ft 3wt or maybe 4wt needed following disaster

    Strikes me its like a lot of things , Carbon blanks are very similar in price across the board big difference is fittings , the bag and a fancy tube . O M W
  7. Overmiwadrers

    7ft 3wt or maybe 4wt needed following disaster

    I bought the 7ft 3 wt for my son to learn on. yes its a sweet rod but the cork handle is flipping awful. This winter I will make a new one on the lathe for it. O M W
  8. Overmiwadrers

    Orvis on the High Street

    I was in the Harrogate shop a couple of weeks ago. One very small corner at the back of the shop for tackle but 85 % of the shop floor is clothing and doggy stuff.. It isnt a fly fishing shop anymore really . But they do cater well for well heeled starters . listened in on a conversation with...
  9. Overmiwadrers

    Under rated tackle and over rated tackle

    Totally agree where as Wulff triangle taper are ace , brilliant lines cast beautifully and wear well. and reasonable price. Underrated. With you with Sharpes nets , mine has handled many sea trout and is now 25 years old and as good as new. Also a shout out for Brady bags. the over the...
  10. Overmiwadrers

    Tapered Leader

    leader calc is good , I have the orginal excel version if anyone wants to PM their email to me. O M W
  11. Overmiwadrers

    Tapered Leader

    aye the`re the ones, O M W
  12. Overmiwadrers

    Tapered Leader

    I always use a tapered leader , even if it is just the butt end of one behind a team of spiders . Only time I wouldnt is short line nymphing. Personally I hate tippet rings they are a bloody nuisance on rivers and that is really the only place I fish. I use the flat butt tapered jobbies of...
  13. Overmiwadrers

    7ft 3wt or maybe 4wt needed following disaster

    I have considered glass but as I also have a good few cane rods I was mainly considering carbon also after fishing for 50 years a good part of which was on a budget these days I try very hard to not let let financial things cloud my judgement O M W
  14. Overmiwadrers

    7ft 3wt or maybe 4wt needed following disaster

    Sorry the rod I snapped was a Hardy featherweight it’s been a small stream favourite for a long time . But really have plenty of slower short rods I have a 7ft 9 circa but don’t think they do a circa any shorter I looked at the 6ft 6 dart and wondered about it O M W
  15. Overmiwadrers

    7ft 3wt or maybe 4wt needed following disaster

    I did but it wasn’t a clean break . Besides it is a fine excuse for something new O M W
  16. Overmiwadrers

    7ft 3wt or maybe 4wt needed following disaster

    So yesterday after a day in the office of I go to a favoured local stream . Mayfly were hatching sun was shining perfect night in the making anyway after half a dozen trout I’m in to a nice OOS grayling as it shot past me in the clear water it looked about 18 inches I was in a tight little...
  17. Overmiwadrers

    Colliford Carp; and lost BIG trout

    Dont much like still waters but that looks very nice... O M W
  18. Overmiwadrers

    Fishing from a high bank.

    if the bank is near vertical then the solution is a drop net mate.....I fished for all sorts of rock edges drop net would be an easy solution as long as its near vertical . Never used one in freshawater but principal is the same O M W
  19. Overmiwadrers

    City otters

    I agree could be yungsters exploring . Males usually travel far and wide in the Autumn looking for company . Anyway Im chairman of a local fishing club we have had otters on the river for 20 years I had a conversation with a posh bloke that has a big house thats garden runs down to the river the...
  20. Overmiwadrers

    Floating line

    I have a Thebault silk line bought second hand for £30 some years ago I expect it to last at least another 10 years , I have a few other silk lines which I expect will see me into the ground they are so wonderful to cast too . so for Value and Quality its silk for me . For Cheap then...