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    Venues for next week - advice appreciated

    Afternoon all, I was meant to be fishing for salmon in Northumberland next week. Unfortunately, the rivers are drier than a camel's armpit. I've booked the week off work so will look to go elsewhere. Can anyone recommend some venues within a couple of hours of North Wales? Ideally I'm looking...
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    Baitfish dubbing pattern

    Trying my hand at saltwater patterns in hope of catching my first bass on the fly this year. Overall quite happy with how it turned out.
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    10ft or 9'6 ft 5wt recommendations

    Afternoon all, I'm after a 10' or 9'6 #5 for fishing dries and small wets from a boat on North Wales lakes. Does anyone have any recommendations? Many thanks, Ian
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    Deer Creek contact

    Hi all, Does anyone have contact details for Deer Creek or any of their staff? I ordered a bottle of UV resin on 30th March which still hasn't been dispatched. I wouldn't normally be bothered but when they charge £4 delivery I expect it to be shipped promptly. I've already tried calling...
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    Help - broken reel in reel seat

    As per the title, my reel has snapped whilst trying to get it out of a Hardy Zenith rod. Reel seat mechanism has been quite stiff/uncomfortable on the rod for quite some time, but now part of the reel has actually snapped and is stuck inside the rod. Any suggestions and how to get it out? 😫😫...
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    'Silver Bumble'

    Something silver and 'bumbley' for the top dropper with Sea Trout in mind. Hook: B175 size 6 Thread: Hot Orange 8/0 Tail: GP Topping (2 strands) Body: Silver Holographic Flat Tinsel Rib: Medium Silver Wire Body Hackle: White Cock Head Hackle: Blue Grizzle Hen Thanks for looking 👍 Ian
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    Fly Identification

    Hi all, I recently acquired a box of flies after the passing of a local fisher from the same village. He tied all of his flies in the hand...A lot of the flies are broken/rusty, but I would love to try and tie a few of them myself, as he was always more successful than anyone else on our local...
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    American Express

    Sea Trout box is starting to fill up! Thread: uni 8/0 Hook: longshank size 6 Rib: flat silver tinsel Body: Black uni thread Throat hackle: Red hen Wing 1: Black squirrel Wing 2: Peacock Sword
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    Squirrel Blue and Silver

    Another one with sea trout in mind.... Hook: B175 Thread: Uni 8/0 red Tag: Red Holographic tinsel (flat) Tail: GP Topping (2 feathers) Rib: Medium silver wire Body: Flat Silver Holographic Tinsel Hackle: Kingfisher Blue Hen Wing: Natural Squirrel (sizeable bunch of hair) Head: Glo Brite 4
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    Black Friday Deals

    Anyone encountered any good deals that are worth sharing? A couple that I've seen: Stonfo Taimen fly tying vice for £104.99 (£40-50 cheaper than anyone else) from Upavon Fly Fishing. I'm not sure it's even a black friday deal or not but worth sharing. Airflo have some reductions on their...
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    Greys GRX or GRXI fly reel 5/6/7

    Wanted: as above. Please pm me. Ian
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    'Jaffa Cake'

    One for the sea trout next season.... Hook:B175 size 8 Thread: uni black 8/0 Tag: Glo Brite 6 Body: Black floss Rib: Glo Brite 6 (twisted) Hackle: Black Hen Wing: Orange Squirrel Thanks for looking :)
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    Blue Alexandra

    Alexandra variant with Sea Trout in mind. One for the warm summer evenings. Hook:B175 size 8 Thread: uni 6/0 white Tag: Glo Brite 14 Body: silver holo Rib: silver wire Hackle: Blue Hen Wing: Peacock Sword Cheeks: Blue Holo flat tinsel Thanks for looking. Ian
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    Multi tip lines

    Hi, Does anyone have recommendations for a multi tip line for Sea Trout fishing at night? I fish with a single handed 10' #7. I've seen a few from the likes of Rio but they seem to be for double handed or switch rods and are quite expensive.... Does such a line system exist for single handers...
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    Fishing Charities

    I've read on here previously of a few charities that take people fly fishing. I think one was called Let's Tackle Cancer, and the other takes service men who suffer from PTSD out... But I can't remember the name. I believe that the organisers might be members of this forum... Can anyone point me...
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    A tribute to a footballing legend 😎.. hopefully it bags me as many sea trout as he has goals! Hook: size 6 double low water Tag: glo brite 16 Body: glo brite 14 Rib: glo brite 16 Throat hackle: kingfisher blue (hen) Wing: squirrel dyed blue Thread: uni 6/0 black Cheers Ian
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    Teal and Black

    A variant of the original teal and black, tied for Sea Trout. Hook: Partridge low water size 6 Thread: uni black 6/0 Tag: silver flat tinsel Body: Black Seal fur Rib: silver flat tinsel Throat hackle: Black fox squirrel Under wing: Black Fox Squirrel Wing: Teal ×
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    'Coquet Confidential' variant - one for sea trout

    pattern I copied (and slightly changed) from last month's fly fishing and fly tying magazine. Hook :B175 size 8 Thread: uni 6/0 red Tail: GP topping Body: flat silver holographic tinsel Rib: silver wire Throat hackle:Black cock under blue grizzle hen Under wing: white bucktail and 2 strands of...
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    Sea Trout or Salmon?

    Had my first 'night' fish this season last night. I caught it around 1am on a teal blue and silver variant.I weighed it at just over 2.5 lbs. I posted the photo on a facebook page, some think its a salmon, others a sea trout. What do you think?