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    hi all i would like to ask peoples opinion on the Shakespeare agility float rod and the feeder rods are they the same standard as there fly rods thank you george
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    combination rod

    hi all can anybody tell me do they make a coarse rod that can be used as a float rod and a feeder rod george
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    lom survey

    I would like to ask all the Scottish members what they think is the best month and most productive to fish the lake george
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    private message

    can someone tell how you do this now the forum has been upgraded
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    lake district

    can anyone recommend any good c/r trout lakes in the north part of the lake district or anywhere near carlisle george
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    hi all can anyone suggest a hook that is light weight / strong / with a wide gape thanks in advance george
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    stone kaiman vice

    hi can anybody tell me can you replace the jaws on this vice thank you in advance george
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    maxcatch fly line

    hi can anyone suggest which line would suit a greys gr50 10-0 6weight rod also where can you get coupon code thanks in advance george
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    line distance

    should you be able to cast the same distance sitting in an anchored boat as you would standing on the bank sorry if this has been asked before george
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    salmon flies

    hi can anybody tell me the section of a salmon fly called the butt is this also called the tip cheers george
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    river liddle

    hi all I have been given the opportunity to fish this river around the Carlisle area does anyone fish this river that could help with advice thank you george
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    new year

    happy new year & tight lines in 2017 to all george
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    lake of menteith

    hi all going up to the above next week for my annual pilgramage has anyone any up to date info on tactics/flies etc would be much appreciated thank you in advance george
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    angelina fibres

    hi has anyone seen or used this material as a substitute for lite brite regards george
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    boat fishing

    hi I would like to ask are there any competent boat anglers that fish the midland reservoirs alone who would be interested in having company afloat I have fished from a boat a few times & would like to do more but have not the confidence to go out alone & would much prefer to out with somebody...
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    hi all I'm going to the above for the weekend can anyone recommend any good trout lakes thanks in advance george
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    fly line

    hi all I've just been given a new reel c/w cortland fly line wf6 for birthday present the line has built in loop my question is would you cut this off & replace with a roman mini loop or use as it is thank you george
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    as anyone come across or heard of caperlan fluorocarbon made in japan look forward to any info george
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    davy knot

    hi can anybody tell me can you use the above knot to join tippet to a braided loop thank you in advance george
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    fly vice

    hi all can anybody tell me is there tackle shop in the manchester area which stock a wide range of fly tying vices thanks in advance george