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  1. Mark Morton

    Guess what !!!!!

    This pathetic forum is down again. Goodbye:mad:
  2. Mark Morton

    Deer Hair explanation

    Thanks for that. I have more than enough to last me this year and hopefully will be restocking come December. That stuff from Toby looks good as well. There are lots of ways you can use deer hair and lots of different species. My 'Muntie' dry pattern came 17th out of 26 entries in the Slovenia...
  3. Mark Morton

    Correct Irish Shrimp dressing?

    Had a quick look through all of my books and there are 'variations' Suggest you ask him for a sample. Jimmy and Gloria Youngers "The Book" does not list one, only the Irish Hairy Mary You need a sample for sure.
  4. Mark Morton

    Deer Hair explanation

    Personally harvested:D:thumbs: It will be at least November to December before I have any more, preferably December/Jan. I have given so much away to you lot I'm running short:omg::thumbs::) I don't buy any deer hair haven't for the past 40yrs, all of mine is personally harvested and I am now...
  5. Mark Morton

    Deer Hair explanation

    I almost exclusively use winter coat roe deer hair these days. I don't use many patterns with 'colour' but where I do I have some Veniards dyed hair from way back when. I also have some white/cream belly hair from fallow almost identical to coastal, plus main coat hair from Chinese and lots of...
  6. Mark Morton

    Just a warning

    Not to my knowledge and my friend the vermin man is a true countryman and bee keeper and on many of his call outs he manages to persuade the caller to leave them alone and they will go away in about four weeks. If they did pose a danger he would knock them no problem. I haven't seen any around...
  7. Mark Morton

    Use your Camera not A Priest

    My brain is still happy to remember almost all of the fish of note I catch(no further comment required ), although I admit to taking a few pictures on holiday trips. Most of my eating fish now come from stillwaters, so no requirement to take a wild fish to eat from our river, but the Pikeys and...
  8. Mark Morton

    Bat Avoidance

    Not a lot you can do to stop them intercepting your fly. Put a pair of leather gloves in your kit to handle them with as they do nip and can carry a form of rabies. Do your best to get them unhooked and if they don't want to fly, then pop them onto a nearby tree or wall where they can recover...
  9. Mark Morton

    Just a warning

    Maybe a few of you have come across this new continental strain of bumblebee. Large, chestnut colour thorax and black body and if you get close enough, which you do not want to do, there is a small white dot. I have a nest in my yard and rang a friend who is a vermin control specialist. He told...
  10. Mark Morton

    Caddis pupa

    Nice tie Mark. Made me happy to know someone else forgets to add bits :-) I thought it was old age coming on :-) I have tied a number of variations including Davie Mcs patterns and never had any success. I will tie a couple of these for Sunday and see what happens. Best regards, N
  11. Mark Morton

    Pen Cormorant.

    Looks like that might work.
  12. Mark Morton

    what drys for summer on rivers

    I am just about to try and experiment. So far this season I have fished very successfully with reverse hackled(back to front) flies. The Leckford Professor. On days with an easterly or nor easterly which flattens our river, I stalked and put flies over known holes and had some very good sport...
  13. Mark Morton

    A word of thanks & a warning to other anglers.

    Roy, the story I heard was that your seat back broke loose as a result of the sudden surge. If this is so, then we should all perhaps make sure our seats are checked and secure. From the word, you had a pretty lucky escape. Although instructions state life jackets must be worn over everything...
  14. Mark Morton

    7am and guess what

    PAGE CANNOT BE DISPLAYED:mad: Is this forum being run on a shoestring ??????
  15. Mark Morton

    What line for grandad's old cane rod

    Believe me it will feel right. Don't try and get a ton of line out. One and a half times the length of the rod will start to feel balanced, not stressing you or the rod. Pull a couple more yards off and cast again. If the line is too big it will start to stress the rod and feel heavy. If the...
  16. Mark Morton

    What line for grandad's old cane rod

    I would firstly either use a line you already have or borrow one in the #4 #5 range and see if that suits the rod. The suggestion to give the rod a good looking over for any wear and tear is also sound. If you refurb or have it refurbed remember to retain any markings on the rod. MOST...
  17. Mark Morton

    Au naturelle Klinkhammer.

    My old art/tech teacher used to say to me "simplicity is the essence of all good design" when my proposed piece of furniture got just too complicated and the same goes for trout flies. This one fills the bill 100%
  18. Mark Morton

    Woven nymphs

    Nice ties. I have tied quite a few but never ever caught a cold on one yet. They really do look as if they should do the job and obviously do for some or they would not have become so prominent. When tying/weaving I found that by facing the hook towards me rather than sideways, I can a) get an...
  19. Mark Morton

    popper flies

    Never used poppers over here but have used them for large mouth bass in Texas and ant is on the button. The word 'popper' says it all. The way I was shown over there was to make the LURE pop in the surface. Over here I would fish them as I would a muddler or big bushy contraption, when rainbows...
  20. Mark Morton

    The two greatest wet flies of all time!

    I think they used to be:D:thumbs::eek: