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    Trout and Salmon!

    Free to a good home, the last 5 years or so (I haven't sorted or cataloged). Having a clear out and it seems a shame to just bin them. You would have to collect from South Edinburgh. Send me a pm if interested.
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    Hardy Coastal Flats cold water intermediate

    I recently bought a couple of these in WF6 0 5ips and 1.75ips. At £20 each they are an absolute steal. At 17.5g at 32' they are definitely not AFTM compliant. They are integrated shooting...
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    Utility Beetle

    Hook: B160 #12 Underbody: peacock glister Body: Foam cylinder Post: 2 - 8 strands of polypropylene I tied a few of these today. I carry them in both my river and stillwater boxes as a general beetle. They also double up as a good dry pattern for the Duo, hence the oversized posts on some. The...
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    Felt sole material

    Does anyone know what the material used to felt sole wading boots is and where you can source it? I know that you can buy pre cut replacement soles but that isn't what I am looking for. I am after it in sheet form that I can cut to size myself. Thanks in advance. John
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    Long, light lochstyle rod

    I have a fancy for an 11' light line loch style rod in 4 or 5 weight. I have tried a couple of 6weights and found them on the heavy side. I was wondering if anyone was using of the 11' river nymphing rods for this purpose and how they found them. I noticed that he streamflex rods are being...
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    Float Tube Recomentations

    I'm looking to return to regular float tubing after a few years where it has been an infrequent thing. I think an upgrade of my ancient Caddis doughnut is long overdue. I'd appreciate any recommendations from regular tubers. What are the the good and the bad points of current crop of float...