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    WTB Cortland Sylk DT

    Hi Probably too long a shot but looking for a good condition Cortland Sylk ideally in DT4F, could consider DT5F too. 15-30£ depending on condition Thx
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    UV resin

    Hi Could you please recommend a quality UV resin (and torch/pen)? Looking for a non toxic, no smell resin that cures fast and hard. Living in a 1BR with a toddler I m trying to avoid the heavy and persistent smell that goes with days of applying and drying layers of good old sally Hansen hard...
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    Swap Danielsson L5W 4Seven for 3-4wt reel

    Hi I have a Danielson L5W 4Seven in used but good condition with just a little bit of gravel rash at the bottom (see picture) that I'd like to swap for a lighter duty 3-4wt reel. Open to proposals, with cash to complement either way if necessary. Thanks
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    What did you tie today?

    Hi all, My effort from early this morning! Sally Hansen still drying!!!
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    Hi All, Thinking of trying the free stretch mentioned in Theo Pike's "Trout in dirty places" book next week. Anyone knows if this is still a free stretch or anyone has an idea how to confirm so? Thanks! Pat
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    Hi 2 nippers that I don’t need, the blue one is from maxcatch and also serve as bottle opener. 12£ delivered for the lot. I ll also include the 3 bungs on the picture: found them when fishing and not something I use so better to move it!!! Thanks
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    Airflo SuperDri DistancePro WF7F

    Hi For sale a perfect condition (used once for a couple of hours) Airflo SuperDri Max Distance WF7F. I only use my 7wt for streamer fishing for which I use intermediate or sinking lines. If fish are close to the surface I ll fish dries, wets and light Nymph on a 5 or 6wt hence this line never...
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    EU Fly shop registered for UK VAT

    Hi all, Following on Brexit, if we order from the EU, UK VAT is collected at the border UNLESS the value of the order (incl postage) is less than 135£ AND the seller is registered for UK VAT. I propose to start a list of EU fly shop registered for UK VAT: - I...
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    Airflo 40+ WF7 S5-7

    Hi Anyone wants to sell an airflo 40+ WF7 in either S3, S5 or S7 AND recent enough (orange box or after) that it has the low stretch “power core” core? PM me if you have one you are willing to part with! Must be in good/very good condition Thanks
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    Low stretch 40+ equivalent

    Hi It eludes me why but Airflo don’t seem to have produced a low stretch (6th sense in airflo marketing jargon / in touch in Rio’s ...) version of their 40+ line. I do like the 40+ lines a lot for casting streamers from the bank to the distance and looking to replace my S5 sinking line I was...
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    Streamer brush

    Hi All, Replenishing my stillwater streamer box... Any idea where I can find the equivalent of these in the UK (doesn't need to have "UV", but needs some form of flash)
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    10' 6wt

    Hi Toying with the idea of a new rod for stillwater. This would be for long distance dry fly / washing line / buzzer methods from the bank. The rod would need to facilitate long casts but not be too stiff/tip auctioned as washing line/multiple dropper buzzer set-ups don't like tight loops...
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    Backing questions

    Hi All Planning a trip to Thingvellir in the coming years (yes I m starting early ;-), but with the lockdown and a young baby the only real thing I can make about fishing at the moment is dream&plan!!!) so need to ensure I have about 200m of backing behind my lines... Now my reels have a...
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    Danielsson F3W 7-10

    Hi all Probably a long shot but just in case before I pull the trigger on Danielsson’s website: anyone has one or two F3W 7-10 reel/spool you want to move on? Happy to buy it or exchange for a Danielsson L5W 5-7. Thanks! Pat
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    Danielsson L5W 6-9 or F3W 7-10

    Hi I’m rationalising (read: downsizing) my tackle to make space for the little one... I am looking at a reel (and spools) for my “heavier” rods which are 10’ 7wt and 9’8” 7wt. They are used mostly for streamer fishing in Stillwater but also on trips abroad for galloup style huge streamers in...
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    Fishing spiders “English/British” style

    Hi Having recently acquired British citizenship I now want to fish a bit more like a “local” on the river and so decided to give a try to spider fishing as I am quite attracted by the simple nature and sheer beauty of spider patterns. For us French, we do a lot of nymphing, dries and...
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    Orvis Frequent Flyer 9’ 6wt

    Hi Continuing to make space for baby... I have this 9’ 6wt Orvis Frequent Flyer rod in 7 sections. As new condition with plastic still on cork. 175£+ 8£ postage
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    SOLD - 215£ - Loop LW 6-8 - Evotec G3 - plus 2 spare spools

    Hi Selling this ideal Stillwater/sea trout/ single hand salmon reel and 2 spare spools. Very sturdy build with the very smooth yet powerful Evotec drag. Reel has some light gravel rash (see picture) spools are pristine. Asking for 215£ delivered (no line or backing included) SOLD
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    Sold - 160£ - Okuma Helios 7-8 - 2 reels 1 Spool 1 line

    Hi, Selling this as a lot. Ideal for reservoir/Stillwater or single hand salmon fishing. 2 reels and one extra spool. One reel has a little bit of gravel rash (see picture) the other one and the extra spool are perfect nick. I will leave a lines and backing on: a WF7F Scientific Angler Ultra 3...
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    Wanted: Guideline LPXe 10’ 7wt and 10’ 6wt

    Hi All Looking to buy the captioned Guideline LPXe 10’ 7wt and same in 10’ 6wt. Any version (v1,v2,v3) will do as long as it is in good condition! Thanks