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  1. Overmiwadrers

    7ft 3wt or maybe 4wt needed following disaster

    So yesterday after a day in the office of I go to a favoured local stream . Mayfly were hatching sun was shining perfect night in the making anyway after half a dozen trout I’m in to a nice OOS grayling as it shot past me in the clear water it looked about 18 inches I was in a tight little...
  2. Overmiwadrers

    Buying form the EU costs

    Not bought anything from Bogdan or Troutline since brexit and think8ng about Troutline has anyone any recent experience of how we are getting stung for Import duty and VAT O M W
  3. Overmiwadrers

    7ft three or 4 weight....

    This year my Son has got in to one of my favourite club stretches a small stream , now as my daughter also comes and fishes as my guest she has been using my spare 7ft 3 weight , now he has joined I need to think about getting another for him , I know I am just to generous . I dont want him...
  4. Overmiwadrers

    What will you plan to get done during lockdown

    So ,,, I have from now until April free apart from running a business lock down till mid Feb and then March rivers are shut ,So I reckon I want to get the following jobs done : My old coronet lathe is in bits need rebuild finishing New gates to make for the end of the Drive wife wants...
  5. Overmiwadrers


    Well our cruise around the caribbean has just been cancelled so my guided day fishing for tarpon and permit in Caracao that I had booked has just gone down the tubes ... really not a happy bunny ..
  6. Overmiwadrers

    Rod Tubes...

    Hi I am after a couple of rod tubes for some older rods I have refurbished for my own use . anything from about 3ft long thats about 90 cm to you young ones. Would prefer aluminium but if you have anything of potential use then let me know, Happy to come to a suitable financial arrangement...
  7. Overmiwadrers

    Silk line advice

    So how do you guys attach your leaders to a silk line I like using furled leaders on my silk line but never been happy with the connection. What do you guys use? O M W
  8. Overmiwadrers

    Current Rod builders?

    So apart from Luke bannister are there any cane rod builders around that can be recommended , A few years ago there was Tim Harris but he seems to have disappeared. Anyone got a recommendation??? I am after a 7ft /4 wt O M W
  9. Overmiwadrers

    What weight for rivers?

    Just a bit of a reflection type post really how things have changed in terms of what is usually accepted as being the GOTO weight rod for rivers. When I started in the early 70s I was advised that a seven weight is just the job. Since then my rod weights have got lighter. to the extent that I...
  10. Overmiwadrers

    Old roller type rod ring required

    I have an old lancewood and greenheart se rod that belonged to my Grandfather , I am starting to restore it and I am short a rod ring. They are the old Brass roller types wondered if anyone has tucked away that may suit happy to pay postage and whatever, Just struggling to find anything...
  11. Overmiwadrers


    Had a bunch of these in the garden at the weekend 40 or so , not seen any for a few years any one else seen any . O M W
  12. Overmiwadrers

    Orvis Reel deal heads up

    Just noticed that Orvis are selling the Hydros LA reels at a big discount . Just got a reel and a spare spool for a good price O M W
  13. Overmiwadrers


    So we have just booked a cruise for December 2020. Looking at the itinerary and wondering if I can shoe horn a bit of bone fishing , or indeed any fly fishing into one of the day when boat is in port a long day . They are : Particularly ...Aruba / Curacao And : St Lucia and Roadtown BV...
  14. Overmiwadrers

    Expensive versus cheap wading boots

    So My Simms Freestone boots are falling apart just about two seasons old after very modest use. I fish a lot but wear felt soled boots a lot of the time and these are the vibram soled boots . Soles hardly worn but sole and upper separating . Interestingly I have some daiwa felt soled boots ...
  15. Overmiwadrers

    handling very small flies...

    So I fished the other day and the troots were feeding on midges . Size 18 and 20s were refused , I managed to thread a size 24 and bobs your uncle caught three . Tying on the 24 was a pain . They are to small for my C and F threaders and trying to get the flies out of the box and tie them on...
  16. Overmiwadrers

    Who’s had the shittest weekend

    I have spent two solid days assembling IKEA furniture in a very cramped space .So who can beat that Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Overmiwadrers

    Road and camping / self catering fishing trip trip ideas

    Morning all need the collective wisdom of the forum. My Number 2 son is of to china to work for a year in September . He has reminded me that we have never had that father / Son fishing road camping / self catering trip that we have talked about. So ideas please . We are based in North...
  18. Overmiwadrers

    Scott new G ( S) series

    So anybody tried this . I have a serious attack of Avarice when I look at the G S 883-4 , Bought a G2 a while back the G2 884 to the extent it replaced the staff of moses . Fast becoming a Scott convert and struggling to avoid buying this new model in the three weight. Please someone tel me...
  19. Overmiwadrers

    hotel with fishing or near fishing Derbyshire

    Just found out that I have a family Christening in Allestree near Derby coming up. Now I had planned a few days away in the Dales for Easter but this is on Easter Sunday . Where do you guys recommend near there , Bakewell area maybe . Its my birthday just before easter so fancy somewhere nice...
  20. Overmiwadrers

    2 wt Recommendation

    Chaps I am looking for a 2 wt in the 9ft 6 to ten foot range for light line nymphing . Wondered what you guys use ?. hearing good things about the snowbee prestige but struggled to find one , Ideas and suggestions most welcome O M W