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    WF3F Line (NOW SORTED)

    NO LONGER REQUIRED If anyone has a 3 wt WF floater in good nick they are thinking of unloading, I'm looking (but not that hard). A Barrio, Wychwood, Scientific Anglers Air Cel or the like is my sort of mark and only want to spend £20 max. Cheers, Del NO LONGER REQUIRED
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    Cased Caddis, Cactus Chenille

    Good morning. Does anyone use 'cactus chenille' to tye the cased/peeping caddis as per Hans Weilenmann? Looks like it creates a good effect, but just wondering what 'size' to get (length of the fibres I'm guessing). If anyone can advise I'll be very grateful, thank you very much. Del
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    Dubbing Grip/clip and Thread splitting

    'Morning. Feeling ready to move on to other fly tying techniques. Thread splitting/splitters and dubbing grips/clips; anyone have suggestions what tools I can obtain to help me do this please? Thanks for reading, Del
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    Whiting 100 Hackle

    My fly tying career continues.....very slowly but I have flies that I'm going to be confident to use in 3 or 4 weeks time. So far, I have avoided tying flies with a hackle but I have just taken delivery of some Whiting Dry Fly Hackle, Grizzle, and what a product it is! To think a bird grows this...
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    UV Resin, Clear. SORTED

    Hi. Anybody got some of this they'd like to unload? I have the torch but can't find the resin. Cheers. SORTED.
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    Cat Hair

    My wife's old cat is moulting a lot. Does anyone use cat hair for dubbing? Regards, Del
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    Second World War Novels

    On Kindle I've read 2 novels recently on WW2, but focussing on Italy, the first one Naples and the second one Milan and the North. I guess we've always focussed on our own misery re wars and as kids we were always fed a certain line regarding Italy's 'role' in WW2 hence it was interesting to...
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    Videos For Fly Tying Beginners

    Hi, Apologies if this has come up previously, I did have a quick search, but finding stuff is not my forte....ask my missus. Can anyone suggest a video/set of videos to watch for beginners please? I've tried to 'enrol' with Fishing Discoveries (Mr Pearson and Dr Gaskell) but having trouble...
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    FishingMad/Newmill Fishing

    I mentioned some Bison Waders in Tackle Talk that I bought recently from FishingMad/Newmill. I decided against them due to the sizing just not being right for me, hence returned them. They were delivered today late morning and the refund issued at around Midday. Fantastic. Thank you very much...
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    Good Value Wading boots

    You may have seen this already, but just in case; Fishing Mad, Bison Boots at £30, but I think it's £4 delivery. Regards, Del
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    Field and Fish Waders, Andrew Toft FF

    'Morning. Does anyone own or know anything about these waders? My breatheables have given up, already having been repaired once by D Dave. I've been reading pretty much all the other 'wader' threads, but don't recall these ones popping up. Cheers, Del
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    GONE A few books to go; 1) Chalk Stream Fly Fishing A 21st Century Anthology. Hardback. £10 GONE

    GONE I'll list them but the first one is the above, a Salisbury and District AC product. The others are; Fly Fishing Strategy, Doug Swisher (yep, Swisher) and Carl Richards. A Guide to River Trout Flies, John Roberts. The Complete Book of Fly Fishing, 2nd Edition, Tom McNally. Anyway, Chalk...
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    Norris Fly Lines

    I'm probably slow on the uptake, but in case it's not been noticed, Norris have introduced their latest own brand range of fly lines, the N1 I think they're called. I have a couple of their old P3 ones still going well, hopefully these'll be better......they must be as it's a new range:whistle:
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    Tour Of Italy, Cycling

    Just been won by a young British lad from London. Mucho mucho cashio!
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    Cortland Precision Competition Nymph Flyline, WITHDRAWN, again.

    WITHDRAWN A pal of mine said he wanted the line, but has changed his mind; I had offered it to him for £25, so that's the new price, incl delivery. The above for sale. It's a 2-3 Wt, 140 Grains. I bought 2 a couple of years ago (must have been on offer), this one has never been out of it's tin...
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    Shakey Agility Rise 2, 8ft 4wt, £30 Delivered

    For sale with Fishing Republic (I've never dealt with them so no idea on reliability). Has to be a great back up rod at this price, or is this about average. Anyway, just in case..... Del Edit, Wychwood Truefly T2's at £65 delivered
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    All-For-Fishing; anyone know them?

    'Morning. Has anyone had any dealings with the guys above? They have something I want at a good price (35pct or so lower than the guys I usually use) but I've never heard of them before now. Thanks for reading, Del
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    Autumn Internationals

    We're still having them, perhaps, but an 8 team competition, the 6N plus Fiji and Japan, in 2 'conferences'. I'm not sure who is allowed to play at home; maybe it'll be share hosted by Fiji and Japan...nice trip.
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    Cortland 444 Classic, WF3F, Peach colour, Used, £7.50 incl postage SOLD

    SOLD Hi, As above, but not used much, I would guess 5 or 6 times....however, it's nowhere near new and seems to have some memory in it which, in my experience, is unusual for a Cortland 444. A good stretch and it's sorted, but causes some inconvenience, especially on a cold day. Comes with a...
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    The Future of Rugby and other contact sport.

    We held an internet streamed funeral at our club today for one of our members who passed away a few weeks ago. All went as well as possible, but after a beer or 2, the conversation got a little subdued when the chairman/president of the club mentioned he couldn't see when any games would be...