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    Best budget breathable waders

    I do know what you mean, although if in a hurry, vest, chest pack and wading jacket can still slow things up. I can't really help with an update as the point I made about the belt being around my backside became an issue and actually meant the crutch/crotch was a few inches lower than is ideal...
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    2020 Euros

    Ok. thanks for that. Very revealing.
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    Premiership Rugby

    Anyone see the Pat Lam/Bristol/Afoa debacle last weekend? I think older rugby guys will find it very distasteful. Briefly; Injury time, Bristol replacement prop sin binned with Bris, 3 points up, under huge pressure at a defensive 5 yard scrum. A prop required, but Lam claims Afoa is injured...
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    Dreaming of fishing

    Best advice I received during a group physio meeting after I had fallen behind with rehab and every exercise felt like the thing was going to come apart was "push harder; you won't break it". I have to add it wasn't a therapist telling me this but another new knee fella. Good luck, you'll be...
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    Fly identification help

    Welcome to the forum! I'd say 3 is a klinkhammer, 5 a pheasant tail nymph and 6 a hawthorn. 2 could be some kind of emerging buzzer, but 1, I have no clue what it's called or represents, and not sure about 4. Sorry again Rob; you got there before me
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    WF3F Line (NOW SORTED)

    NO LONGER REQUIRED If anyone has a 3 wt WF floater in good nick they are thinking of unloading, I'm looking (but not that hard). A Barrio, Wychwood, Scientific Anglers Air Cel or the like is my sort of mark and only want to spend £20 max. Cheers, Del NO LONGER REQUIRED
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    Free stretches river mimram/river ver

    p.m sent. Regards, Del
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    If Troutline is Lucian's company, it's an excellent company to deal with and sells excellent products. Not that it makes any odds, I thought he'd moved the operation to Italy; i have no idea where I got that thought from.
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    Fantasy Football league anyone??

    Del 'Broad Shoulders' Ray; perhaps I should change my forum name, but sadly, 'fat shoulders' may be more appropriate.
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    Fantasy Football league anyone??

    I demand a re-count.... Many thanks to Gary for setting it up.
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    Play with a mayfly emerger

    Shame others don't follow your lead. Hope all remains well, and hopefully the Mayfly will be around when you get out. All the best, Del
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    Cased Caddis, Cactus Chenille

    Good morning. Does anyone use 'cactus chenille' to tye the cased/peeping caddis as per Hans Weilenmann? Looks like it creates a good effect, but just wondering what 'size' to get (length of the fibres I'm guessing). If anyone can advise I'll be very grateful, thank you very much. Del
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    Advice re Northumbria

    Welcome to the forum. Someone will be along shortly with some advice I'm sure. Regards, Del
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    The 2021 Lions

    Good side! That front 5 could take on any permutation from the selected squad. Highly paid sportsmen, well coached, unbelievably fit and strong leads to a levelling out at the top end hence differing views on the best/most suited to a tough tour. Our rugby club old farts 'phone group was very...
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    The 2021 Lions

    11 English?? Wow, very surprised. Bar Itoje, the Saracens contingent can consider themselves very fortunate; playing Ampthill etc is no prep for playing the South Africans. The great big lump who plays midfield for SA (playing in Ireland now?) will be licking his lips at the thought of getting...
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    Cold Kutter wading boot studs.

    As colliedog, the cold kutters useless for me and my treaded boots, Despite using glue, they fell out. Supatraks are on their second pair of boots, although relegated to occasional use as I bought new boots with studs (Sierra X Force; excellent) I seem to remember the Supatraks are expensive to...
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    Introduction to the forum!

    Hi Sean, you are very welcome, but I have to admit my ignorance and checked where Wantage is. I suspect a nice part of the world. Somewhere near you is Fairford and the River Colne and I believe a day ticket stretch was administered by The Bull Pub in town. I have fished it once, many years ago...
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    European Cup Rugby

    Put the rugby on last night at half time, Leicester v Ulster, 6 - 17, commentators saying Ulster dominant and things not looking good for the home side. What a turn round! Looked like a Leicester team of 10 or more years ago; aggressive, and with Ford taking them to the right places around the...
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    Fly Fishing Survey For Uni Degree - help please!

    Also done. Decent waders and boots and that's it for me. How do I arrive at the purchase? Mainly reading on here which takes a lot of doing as we all have an opinion on everything..
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    Peacock Fly Fishing Club- Wye, Derwent, Bradford and Lathkill

    P.m on it's way, but the answer is; too long.....but I've no intention of not doing it in the near future. The fishing is great and the area is lovely. 130 miles!