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    River Alness

    Wondering if anybody has any information regarding the Alness? Always been on my bucket list but I'm afraid I know nothing about it or if perhaps it's a dead man's shoes river. Any info or opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou. Reg Wyatt
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    Champions league final

    Manchester City v Chelsea. Supposedly in Turkey which is currently on the red list so no English fans could attend. The FA are in 'delicate negotiations' with UEFA about the possibility of playing the final, between two English teams, in....England and not in an empty stadium in Turkey. That's...
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    Diving Footballers

    Almost feel guilty about raising a subject on footballers so I apologise in advance. I know that premiership football has almost become a non contact sport nowadays but the amount of playmaking is just embarrassing yet it almost seems to be an accepted part of the game? I watched Leicester V...
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    A lonely chalkstream salmon?

    Speaking to someone today who said salmon have got a long way upstream on the Test this season, mainly because of high flows all year. Plenty of redds have been seen at Wherwell and slightly above at Longparish which is fantastic news and offers superb spawning conditions. Most of the redds have...
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    Poaching fines

    I was speaking to the Wherwell, Test, river keeper yesterday and he says the Wessex chalkstreams are being hammered by poaching 'travellers'. From Whitchurch on the top of the Test down to Romsey. Four travellers turned up at Wherwell Lakes, parked their 15K car and wandered up the river...
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    Chances mid July? I'm begging.

    Sorry to go over old ground but I'm getting desperate. Wondered what the experienced on here thought of my chances of being able to fish in the far north third week of July? Will the first minister have relaxed the rules by then or is it a case of really impossible to tell? More important things...
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    Fantastic olive hatches

    Was walking near the Test a few days ago and saw some magnificent hatches of blue winged olives. Really quite startling and wonderful to see with fish going mad for them. River had a slight tinge because of recent rain and it really was quite cold. I spoke to a river keeper who said that lots of...
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    Itchen series rod?

    Bit of a long shot I'm afraid. Many years ago I spent a memorable evening fishing at Martyr Worthy on the Itchen with the then head keeper Ron Holloway and under keeper Donny Donovan. They were both using a split cane rod called, I think, 'The Itchen Series' which Ron had developed with a...
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    Sign of times ahead?

    I'm on a river watch whatsapp group which consists of river keepers, EA bailiffs and people like me with an interest and who live near the river etc. Over the last ten days or so of this dreadful virus there has been an explosion of poaching incidents (this is on the chalkstreams) and large...
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    Availability of fishing this year?

    The more this awful corona virus is discussed and thought about the more repercussions I see arise. I guess a possible quarantine of us over seventy year olds would mean an awful lot more availability of fishing, both trout and salmon? Sorry to sound a little opportunistic at others expense but...
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    The answer to the floods?

    I was watching question time on BBC last night and during a discussion about flooding etc somebody in the audience said, "Just dredge the rivers like we used to do. That will immediately solve all the flooding problems. Dredge the rivers." The environment minister was on the panel but other than...
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    Tenkara conquered the world yet?

    Haven't heard much of it lately and was wondering if Paul G etc and the Tenkara boys are still going strong? Reg Wyatt
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    Southern Water scandal

    How is it possible for such a filthy company to have gotten away with it for so many years? Astonishing lack of regulation. Plenty of other regulatory bodies should be hanging their heads in shame at how it has been allowed to go on for so long. Unfit for purpose E.A. Time for another name...
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    How's the salmon season started?

    Wondered what the general concensus was about this years salmon? Early I know but what's the start looking like? A few from the Naver but Dee and Spey a bit slow? Haven't heard a hatchery cry yet but guessing it's only a matter of time. Reg Wyatt
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    Cairngorms snow

    Couple of my friends fished in the far north last week and said the rivers were in superb order and a fair number of springers have been caught but that the air temperature got to 17 degrees?! They also said there was very little visible snow in the Cairngorms. I'm guessing it's a bit early yet...
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    The price of grayling fishing

    Hello all Two of my Belgium friends were charged £100 each by Fishing Breaks to grayling fish Bullington Manor which I believe is the Test/Dever. They said it was very poor and I said that they must be mad to pay such a sum. Is it just down south that these ludicrous prices are charged or do...
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    Serious question/dodgy subject

    Hello all Serious question although difficult to stay focused. I want a new pair of waders and they are very expensive. One of my good friends, although perhaps not for much longer, told me to buy the womens ones which are a lot cheaper. Buy a couple of sizes up and they'll be fine - he said...
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    Salmon and no water?

    There's been a drastic shortage of water this year on many rivers including my favourite the Naver. The salmon have apparently been waiting out in the bay but how long will they actually wait there for and what if no water comes? Do they turn and head out to sea again or wait in desperation...
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    On the bank

    Just been watching an episode with a couple of blokes fishing on the Usk. It was interesting. I turned the sound off and it was so much better. Less is more. Reg Wyatt
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    On the bank

    Stay at home poorly today and just been watching a 'fishing' programme called on the bank. Like watching paint dry - excruciating, tedious and boring. Why oh why can't we make good watchable programmes about fishing/work on the river etc etc? How come we yearn for Jack Hargreaves from forty...