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    Vision Onki

    Evening all Looking for a 9' #4 if anyone has one gathering dust , could also possibly be talked into a 9' #5 ? Steve
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    Posting permissions

    Evening all How do you get permission to post “wanted adverts” ?
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    Green Mucilin

    What is the best way to use it ? Does it build up if you apply coats leaving to dry in between coats ?
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    When should you use Fluorocarbon or Co-polymer?

    Still a relative newbie to fly fishing and maybe i should have figured this one out by now but i haven't so now want to get a better understanding of what type of leader to use in which circumstance assuming you have both in your bag which would you use for : Sinking line - weighted fly...
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    Derby Railway Angling Club

    Anyone got any experience of fishing their Trout and Grayling waters ? Looks like they have some good stretches of the Dove, Ecclesbourne and Sutton Brook. Already a DCAC member so not sure whether to add another annual expense .
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    Banned from a tackle brand ?

    Anyone else had this happen to them whilst trying to very politely and diplomatically resolve an issue with one of their products . The replying correspondence was so unbelievably arrogant and rude I am surprised they have a business at all . What really does beggar belief is the fact I am a...
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    Two of the same rods ?

    Is it a daft idea to have two of the same rods , line weight and length , for when setting up floating and sinking lines .
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    Onki deals ?

    Anyone know of any deals on offer at the moment , might treat myself to another ?
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    Lechlade and bushyleeze

    Anyone a regular at Lechlade ? Can you please provide any info on the difference in fishing either lakes . Thinking of taking a trip down from Derby on Monday. Thanks
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    Sunray Short head line

    Anyone tried these lines ? Offer on until Saturday , buy one get another 1/2 price , thinking of getting and 5# and 6# to replace wychwood Feather Floater and Orvis Bank shot. Will i notice a difference in presentation and distance or just in the wallet ?
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    5# line for still water drys ?

    OK , seeing as i have a 3,4 and 6 weight set up i had to go a buy a 5#rod , i expect many of you get the picture . Now i need a line ,I plan to use the rod for stillwater dry fly and not wanting to spend to much more I have narrowed choice down to Wychwood featherdown or Barrio GT90 . Rod...
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    Electric outboard advice

    As per tittle really , looking for advice to purchase Electric outboard for use on approx 20 acre lake. Any brands more reliable and longer lasting than others ? Lbs thrust required ? Battery size required ? General use would be single occupancy on small boat with oars as back up . Any...
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    New reel decision ?

    Got a significant birthday coming up so thinking of treating myself to a new reel . Narrowed choice down to a couple and would like opinions of others who maybe own either of both ? Assuming cost being very similar for reel and 2 extra spools have been looking at Orvis Battenkill Disc lll or...
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    Greys CT and CTX Waders/Boots

    Does anyone have any experience of these regards sizing and durability ? I am being tempted by some good offers available at the moment but cant find any positive reviews , would they be a good buy or would I always wish I had put the money towards some vision ikons or ?? I have Greys jacket...
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    Higher Price Rod Benefits

    Happy Christmas Everyone !! Assuming you are getting all other elements of your fishing correct what are the real benefits from the higher priced rods , say £200+ Do they give you more distance ? Better connection to takes ? More chance of staying connected ? Is the difference more...
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    River Fishing Beginner questions

    Have only started fly fishing since April this year going to a few local still waters but have soon found that the summer months are not the best for these types of water so would like to try the local river and plan to apply for DAF ticket to allow fishing the Derwent around Duffield/Little...
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    Newbie Advice Wanted- Rod - Reel -Line

    After months of trying to get to a shop to try out a few rods i realised this was not going to happen any time soon and if i was going to get started fly fishing i must bite the bullet and just buy some gear . While having a look around the internet i came across an offer direct from Sharpes...
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    Novice tackle advice

    Is this a good deal and set up , its the size and weight my instructer advised me to get . eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace My local shop is Walkers of Trowell and although i understand it would be good to try out etc could i expect to get e similar deal . Sorry to seem tight but in...
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    New poster in Derby looking for advice

    Hello everyone first post but keen to get started fly fishing , in my forties now but was keen course fisher in my teens . Fly experiance so far is on day on a members water with my uncle (Burton Joyce-Notts area) a couple of days on the river in Darley Abbey with borrowed tackle and a full...