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    Best fish of day.LOM 11/6

    Well done, That is a fine fish.
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    New 5-Weight recommendations

    I have a number of rods ,mostly Sage,A mate recently bought a loop cross sx 10ft 5wt at half the rrp as the were being discontinued super rod, I bought one after casting his. Good rod worth the money.
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    Early Mornings On Corrib

    A few fine fish Ian, Regards to James. Bj.
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    Slow intermediates

    What about a Cortland blue as a slow intermediate .
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    Dreaming of fishing

    Sincere thanks for all the good wishes ,It means so much to me. Best wishes and tight lines to you all.
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    Honest Anglers

    I was speaking to a friend this morning, he said he had fishing yesterday and had disaser,, He let rod fall out of the boat. Despite his best effort he could not find the rod, The rod was a Sage igniter and his reel a Waterworks force ula, He was gutted, Until he got a call today to say...
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    Dreaming of fishing

    Two weeks I had a knee replacement ,Tough going at the moment,,And I can't get out to fish,
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    River Dinan Kilkenny.

    Great looking photos Gary.
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    Sage X 9'6 #6 4 piece

    To answer your question, The Scott Radian ,Sage XP , if you could get one, I recently bought Loop cross sx, used it once and love it.
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    Sage X 9'6 #6 4 piece

    Hi , I used to own one of those Sage X , There are far nicer rods for that kind of money.
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    Would you do anything about this?

    Leave it alone , rods get scratched during use ,in and out of boats on the bank of a river, but it will not effect the rod.
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    A rough idea..

    When those rods came out first everyone wanted one, They are a great rod for fishing wets in front of a boat , the down side is its 11ft3 in in two pieces. you won't get it into the booth so your car. I still have my one and would not part with it ...Price at 275 if it very clean.
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    Floating line

    Buy a Cortland 444 peach, one of the best tried and tested floating lines,
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    Fly Reel Grease

    I have for years used a thin coating of Vasaline gel, never a problem..
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    What makes us happy..

    What has brightened up my day is reading your posts, Getting good results with surgery and scans. ,Continued good health to you all , And get out fishing .
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    Sage X 590-4 specific questions for users

    Hi , The line I would recommend would be Cortland Sylk or Rio Gold floating lines both excellent lines and I also fish them on a Sage 9ft 4wt xp rod.
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    Old Age.

    Hi Mate, I am siting here recovering from surgery and thinking of fishing,I am due to retire next year , and when I get to get back fishing it will be at my pace, At one stage I would have been one of the most competitive anglers ,but now the plan is to just get out, Don't mind about the tangles...
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    Cortland Sylk 444 lines;

    I use them in three and four weights, super lines..
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    Galway ( South) Fishing

    The Clare river, upstream of Claregalway and below Tuam, Has some great trout fishing with some very big fish.
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    im buying a boat

    Hi , I don't know anywhere in the Cork area where you put a boat , Unless you put on Lough Leane in Killarney .