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  1. Mark Morton

    Guess what !!!!!

    This pathetic forum is down again. Goodbye:mad:
  2. Mark Morton

    Just a warning

    Maybe a few of you have come across this new continental strain of bumblebee. Large, chestnut colour thorax and black body and if you get close enough, which you do not want to do, there is a small white dot. I have a nest in my yard and rang a friend who is a vermin control specialist. He told...
  3. Mark Morton

    7am and guess what

    PAGE CANNOT BE DISPLAYED:mad: Is this forum being run on a shoestring ??????
  4. Mark Morton

    0700 and cannot connect with any items

    I cannot get any threads on the forum to come up. I just get "Cannot display this page". Is this a forum problem or a feed problem in my area ? The so called 'solve the problem' button just comes up with 'cannot solve the problem'. Anyone else have similar experience ? :mad::confused:
  5. Mark Morton

    RSPB can kill crows to protect other birds ...SO

    Today I fished at Blithfield and on arriving home filleted ten fish, 3 out of the ten, the ones around 1 1/2lb had serious cormorant damage, that is 30%. These where the ones which got away. If we assume cormorants are successful in three out of ten attempts in holding the trout, then that is a...
  6. Mark Morton

    Stephen Woolley

    I had heard that Stephen Woolley, rod builder, had moved from by the wood yard in Ashbourne. Does anyone know if he is still in business and if so where. Many thanks
  7. Mark Morton

    WTT Auction Day

    Took my days fishing which I purchased on the Wild Trout Trust auction. Although the River Blithe is only 45 minutes from my door I had never heard of it until the auction. This is the Staffordshire Blithe not the Warwickshire river. I met my host for the day on the main Uttoxeter/Stafford...
  8. Mark Morton

    Should we be pleased ?

    One of our members took an evening stroll along about a mile of our river this week and counted four separate otters, one large and three half grown. We have known we have otters returning to our river, but should we be pleased about this ?
  9. Mark Morton

    Salmon seen

    A salmon was seen jumping the weir in Tamworth , Staffordshire today. It had to have come all the way up the Trent and hopefully will run up into the Anchor and find a mate in the upper reaches. Just happened a number of people where there who knew definitely what it was. A new fish pass is...
  10. Mark Morton

    Fox ear fur

    When I consider how many fox pelts have passed through my hands, I cannot understand why I have never looked at the fur on the backside of the foxes ears as a source of dubbing. I recently tanned a complete skin and one of the ears was partially detached, so I had a look and the fur on the...
  11. Mark Morton

    Hook experimentation

    I very much admire the traditional salmon flies so expertly tied by one or two forum members and they are almost always set up with a loop eye of braided material. I have in recent weeks been experiemnting with various carp hooks of the eyed variety but this week saw some without eyes for tying...
  12. Mark Morton

    Cat amongst the pigeons

    I have just had the results back of the examination under microscope of the fur from the snowshoe and the brown hair and also as interest a common rabbit and a blue hare. they are all basically the same, not hollow. Infact they all have a flat not round feature. The only difference is that...
  13. Mark Morton

    Dubbing Material

    I have just nipped into Hobby Store for some glass beads and whilst browsing I saw some packets of 'natural wool roving' made by Trimits Craft Factory. A large selection of colours at £1..50 a packet for a large lump. Could not resist trying it so purchased three packets, dark olive green, a...
  14. Mark Morton

    Waste not want not

    Just received my first ever order from Harvey Angling and they came in a grey plastic envelope. I am always looking at materials to use for fly tying and having snipped a 1/8th strip of this envelope and then stretched it, thought it might just make a decent buzzer body material. After tying a...
  15. Mark Morton

    Brown hare ? Snowshoe ?

    Just had a couple of hares dropped off by a friend for processing into smoked sausage. I have lots of hare fur so wasn't too interested in keeping these skins but when I got down to the rear feet, I noticed the long cream fur on the pads ....hmmmm !! I wonder ??? Anyway I have just tied up a...
  16. Mark Morton

    A book ???

    Almost daily we get enquiries from tiers new and old ...some very old:omg: asking how and for what you would use feathers and other materials. Does anyone know of a 'dictionary' where the material is listed and then a whole reference of flies tied with that material. To quote a recent thread...
  17. Mark Morton

    Waterproof oversuit

    Just been into Countrywide Stores and saw an all in one 'boiler' suit made by Dickies. Waterproof and lined with quilted, windproof lining etc., looked so good I purchased one. They were on offer at £55 down from over £70. Loads of pockets and a zip on hood, plus the legs zipped up the sides to...
  18. Mark Morton

    Hardy rods date of manufacture

    I have a Hardy CC de France 7ft #HA497280 and a) would like to know its year of manufacture b) its likely value, in good order with original bag for insurance purposes. Searched all the likely places on here and elsewhere without success.
  19. Mark Morton


    This super little reservoir is still open until 30th Nov. Fished it for four hours today and took three fiesty rainbows(total 5lb) on one of my own copper cone head nymphs and a Dwial Bach but with a hot orange cone head, fish where right on the bottom and taking very gently. Missed hooking...
  20. Mark Morton

    Re stocking

    Time for re stocking the feather department. Put some nice bright red cock pheasant tails in store this weekend and last weekend stocked up on woodcock wings and breast and sub tail feathers(old bird only bright with heavy barring) which make superb sedge wings folded. Hope to get a grey...