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  1. Tangled

    First timer…

    BobP here is a Farmoor specialist, I'm sure he'll sort you out. (Hopefully not with teams of buzzers on 20' leaders first off though :cool: )
  2. Tangled

    Wish I'd known this about breathable waders

    You've brought an image back into my mind of an Argentinian guide hopping on one leg to help me with something or other because his SIMMS waders had a leak in one leg. And me in my £60 travel waders laughing at him. Mind you, the boot was on the other foot - so to speak - when he led me across...
  3. Tangled

    fuller's mud gone hard

    Adding glycerine prevents it from going rock hard.
  4. Tangled

    fuller's mud gone hard

    2015 thread …. What goes around, comes around.
  5. Tangled

    Max catch lines

    Amazon have several sellers that will get to you in a couple of days.
  6. Tangled

    New 5-Weight recommendations

    He gets his free ;-)
  7. Tangled

    Correct way.?

    It must be torturing you but that lake doesn't really work for bank fly fishing. Lovely from a boat though.
  8. Tangled

    Your opinions on this?

    Not for me, too manicured and fiddly. And what's the point of a river if you can't get in it?
  9. Tangled

    Tapered Leader

    Luckily Ohanzee has lost the pictures of the hundredweight trout he caught to prove that method works. I could never trust it; I need a mechanical joint. Also, beware, not all - or even most - superglues are waterproof and all crack with constant flexing and stretching.
  10. Tangled

    Subsurface feeding trout - what fly to use

    Probably buzzers. Nobody seems to fish buzzers in rivers - or at least they don't call them that, they call them nymphs and stick a bead on them. But chironomids are in ever river as well as every still water. A just subsurface buzzer might crack it.
  11. Tangled

    New line

    It was an an ironic literary reference. It seems that this site has an urgent need for just such an emoji.
  12. Tangled

    Stockbridge and the Test

    Robjent's daddy
  13. Tangled

    New line

    If the line is on a reel, you just stick pencil through it and get the wife or small child to hold both ends of it while you wind it on. If it's not on a reel, put it on a rolling pin
  14. Tangled

    Stockbridge and the Test

    I bought nowt and now regret it.
  15. Tangled

    Stockbridge and the Test

    Returning from a few days in Dorset I convinced the wife that it was worth stopping for a coffee in Stockbridge, the spiritual home of fly fishing. (I left that last bit out). We had a coffee on the main drag and look what I found... No fishing but at least I got 15 minutes in here...
  16. Tangled

    Under rated tackle and over rated tackle

    Maxima Ultragreen - can't be overrated. Also Maxcatch Real Gold line. A surprising amount of Airflo gear is very good for the money. I can't fault a £50 wading jacket or an Airflo 13' 6" Journeyman 7 piece travel rod that I learnt double-handed casting with and have since taken all over the...
  17. Tangled

    Orvis on the High Street

    I was in Sherborne, Dorset, this week pottering up the high street when I looked in yet another a clothing shop window and saw a fly rod on one of the dummies. A double-take found it to be an Orvis shop, so I wondered in. Pastel shades of expensive woman's wear everywhere but I was told that...
  18. Tangled

    Tapered Leader

    If you're turning over your flies you can't be doing it wrong. If you're doing that by whatever method you're using, it's fine. All you're doing with a tapered leader is trying to get your flies out in a straight line gently. If you put a weighted nymph on the point, your leader turns over...
  19. Tangled

    Tapered Leader

    As always, it depends. The purpose of the tapered leader is to more efficiently transfer energy from your cast to the fly. As the line unrolls, it's loses energy but the thinner the line becomes the less mass has to be moved, so the taper helps it unroll prettily. But posh casters sometimes...