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    footwear on stockingfoot waders

    I've just bought my first pair of stockingfoot waders. Is there anything specific I should be looking for in terms of what to wear over said stockingfeet (foots?)? They're Vision Ikon 2's, if that helps. I have kayaking boots and shoes that give great grip when walking, or would it be better to...
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    Fishtec flies

    Has anyone used Fishtec to order flies? They've got a BOGOF deal on some of their sets. I'm new to this fly fishing lark, so it seems like a good way to pick up a few, but only if they're good quality! Many thanks, Chris
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    Morning everyone

    Hello everyone. Well, after four years of ill health, countless hospital appointments, physio, counselling etc. I am finally on the mend. To celebrate, I've bought myself a fly fishing set up to have a bash at carp on my local water. I've course fished for years but have always wanted to have a...