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    Out twice on a Caithness loch in recent days. Huge multi million numbers of small bronze beetles even forming windlanes on both visits80 hectres of water, 20 plus beetles to the square metre even floating in clusters of five. Size approx 7mm. No point trying a beetle dry. Trout just rising...
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    WANTED - Honda 2 or 2.3 4Stroke, Longshaft

    Looking for a BF2.3LCHU, 4stroke aircooled longshaft in good condition. Alternative the 2.0 as a longshaft.
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    Supafloat, Halstead and Hartley

    I have a brown glass bottle of the original which still has a third left. Some flies I treat in parts after tying using a very small brush. This is still available but " not the same formula ". Does anyone know if the old and new are mixeable?
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    Nature Magazine - free Email Bulletin

    Just a note that the very prestigious Nature magazine now has an Email Briefing bulletin that is free. Always a great range of interesting material and links to follow through from any item.
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    Silicone Fly Box Liners

    Trying to locate tighter holding inner replacement fly box liners suitable for barbless hooks. Traditional foam sheeting I have used before is not much use for barbless. Lots of boxes that I could potentially "upgrade".
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    Sunset Amnesia ..... "memory free" ?

    I wondered what experience there was of using this mono as a supposedly memory free thicker clear leader butt section. Is it actually an easy-to-draw-straight curl free mono? If so, it would be a cheap option for the first 6 feet !
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    To a Nature Reserve Near You ?

    Wildlife Trusts income driven. Anti-angling sentiments? Weddings ?! Interest developments to think about.
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    Alberta Trout Breeding Management

    Interesting set of short videos about trout population genetic management. Looks like licence money used carefully. Hope this link works.
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    Cork handle DIY filler mix

    Recommendations please for the best glue to use to mix with cork dust to make filler to pruce up some older rod handles. It presumably needs to soak into adjacent good cork but not be too hard and brittle. Also, any known UK retail suppliers of U-40 cork sealer ?