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    Tweed on T.V.

    All Around Britain filmed a fishing feature on the River Tweed in October, which is being broadcast this Sunday morning 6th Dec. on ITV at 11.20am. Bert
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    Scottish Salmon Fishing - proposed gradings for 2021

    Link to information posted in salmon fishing thread. regards Bert
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    Conservation of Salmon - Proposed river gradings for 2021 - Consultation - August 2020

    Ministers are required, under the terms of section 38 and schedule 1 of the Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries (Consolidation) (Scotland) Act 2003, to publish notice of the proposals allowing a minimum 28 day period for representations or objections to be made. Notice is hereby given that the...
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    Conservation of Salmon (Scotland) New Gradings

    Current consultation period for 2020 season starts to-day for 28 days. e-mail with notification period, and links to find info, below. Anyone with an objection/moan/gripe/give advice, please use links below to comment. regards bert Tue 20/08/2019 11:04...
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    Isreal folau a religious man.

    ISRAEL FOLAU, one of the best rugby full backs in the world, and a kingpin in the Australian team, is about to be banned from playing rugby by Aussie rugby board because of his religious beliefs. He has been accused of homophobic comments, which seem to have offended the powers that be in...
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    Huge trout

    Was a big Brownie caught on Loch Lomond to-day. Almost 11lbs!! And the actual weight Was caught by a friend of my youngest son, whilst fishing for pike. Took half a lamprey!! Oh, and before the outrage, was released safely! regards bert bert
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    The Mystery of The Dead Cats!

    Not taking the mickey out of Alans rabbit post, but have a gander at this! Croydon cat killer unmasked: Met Police reveal culprits after three year probe and 500 deaths I am surprised it took the massive resources, and rewards offered, to arrive at the truth though! regards bert
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    Labrador pups.

    Anyone looking for a new puppy? 9 in litter, looking for new homes for 5. well bred and health tested, low hip scores both parents. P.M me if interested. regards bert
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    Yet more incommers! Loch Snizort this time.

    Yet another mass escape! Another salmon farm admits escapees. Grieg Seafood says 21,700 salmon escaped in Loch Snizort - BBC News regards bert
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    Yet another mass escape!

    Loch Snizort salmon farm has 22000 5lb fish escape. Will be worth a cast from the shore around North West Skye beacheads for the next few months!! Grieg Seafood says 21,700 salmon escaped in Loch Snizort - BBC News The parent company states they have not been chemically treated for a while, is...
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    Boat Etiquette

    And we moan if the boat cuts into our drift! Never mind using the mobie whilst driving! regards bert
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    Rugby Sevens World Series

    Well now. The final leg of the 7's World Rugby series was at Twickenam this weekend. SCOTLAND, the defending champions, retained the London cup! First team since the series started many moons ago to actually defend their title! Made all the sweeter because it was England we beat in final at...
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    Cuba --- the end of an era

    Anyone with a bucket list including the Cayo's of Cuba should get there in the next two or three years. Check out this report, and read, and digest the comments in the links! Cayo...
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    Salmon conservation regulations (Scotland) 2017

    Info on consultation for 2017 season here. Regards bert
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    Salmon conservation regulations (Scotland) 2017

    The statutory 28 consultation on the proposed salmon conservation regulations for 2017 launched today. Further information on the assessment of conservation status for the 2017 fishing season, including details of how to submit your views before the closing date on 29 September, are available...
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    Scotland win London cup at Twickenham

    Scotland 27 South Africa 26 What a final!! And they played the bagpipes at the anthems!! regards bert
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    Big salmon

    Rumour mill says was a big salmon around 35lbs caught on Tay to-day, Upper Kinnaird. Anyone got info/pics?? regards bert
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    Grayling weekend NITH and ANNAN

    A Grayling Day to be held on Saturday 9th of January on River Nith is being co-ordinated with one on the River Annan on Sunday 10th of January in order that anglers are afforded the opportunity to participate in both days, or indeed one day at river of their choice. Is a nominal charge...
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    Storage space in inboxes

    Admin, get on the case please!! Admin has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space. Makes it easier to communicate if you do!! regards bert
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    Shotgun advice needed.

    O.K. Guys, need to get a new or s/hand o/u multi choke. Where in Scotland (150 mile radius of Linlithgow prefered), is best gun dealer, by best, I mean biggest selection of new or used. All ideas appreciated. regards bert