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    Portuguese fishing licence

    Starting this year, fishing licences are being issued through Balcão Eletrónico do Mar (BMar) The site is in both Portuguese and English , but the main point is that it takes 5 days to issue the license (3 days if you pay double!!) so best to plan ahead. One year license...
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    What's Been Bugging Me About Barbel

    Very interesting, here in Portugal the direction that I came from for catching barbel on the fly was through trying to catch the mullet that are also present in this stretch of river. As for mullet everywhere, these fish are extremely skittish and do not tolerate any kind of drag or other...
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    What's Been Bugging Me About Barbel

    I have been catching Iberian barbel in the Mondego near Coimbra, Portugal. Here, they like to feed in very shallow water a few inches deep and right into the banks. There's no doubt that they tune in to caddis pupa/nymphs when they are present and on occasion they also go for the adults on the...
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    Spade end hooks

    Use them as rear hooks on tandem flies?
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    Phases of Purple Hazes

    Back to the future, in its day the Dark Mackerel was a popular fly in Wales and had a purple body.
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    Vintage Glass rods;

    Some of the rivers and lakes on some of the islands are stocked with small rainbows, also the SWFF can be pretty amazing. Definitely much warmer!
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    Can the body shapes of young smolts determine a successful journey to sea?

    It could also reflect changes in the feeding habits of the salmon parr related to changes in the water quality of the river (insect life etc.)
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    Mullet on Fly Book

    I aleady ordered, looking forward very much to reading and learning in time for next season!
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    Yarn indicators

    I like to tie the yarn to a small length (2-3 inches) of fine (6x) mono then attach the other end of fine mono to the leader with a clinch knot. This knot is then tightened such that it grips the leader material so that you can slide it up and down the leader to adjust for depth but is...
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    Lovely couple of hours on the lower Mondego

    I believe there are several closely related species in the Iberian peninsula, some of them getting over 20 lb.
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    Lovely couple of hours on the lower Mondego

    A nice push of water when I got there at around 4 pm today with the water still comfortable for wet wading. I set up a kink and dink, second cast I hooked a mullet of about a pound. As I was playing him I saw a big tail waving at me about 20 yards further upstream. Covered him and got a take...
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    Tying knots with deteriorating eyesight - advice?

    For me, the trick is to have more light alongside magnifying glasses or just naked eye, then things seem to become much easier to do. A good LED head-lamp really helps.
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    Anyone fished the Till recently?

    Careful out there: Tweed said to Till "What gars ye rin sae still?" Says Till to Tweed, "Though ye rin wi' speed And I rin slaw Whar ye droon yin man I droon twa"
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    Sea Trout VS Barbel

    Many years ago, I hooked a mint fresh 2-pounder that jumped straight into the branches of an overhanging willow and got stuck there by the dropper. The glide was well over my waders, so being around midnight with nobody around, I took off all my clothes, got in the water and was able to just...
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    What made you start flyfishing?

    Not being able to find worms
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    Haul y Gwynt - the set is finished

    Some people also tie them (myself included) without the wing
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    Likewise for garfish, imagine how a 10 pounder would look and fight!
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    Sea Trout VS Barbel

    I would agree with this having caught both Iberian Barbel in Portugal and seatrout in North Wales. In terms of missile analogies, a fresh but rested seatrout has an extra "booster stage". The only fish comparable to a fresh seatrout in my fishing experience was a ~5-6 lb grown-on Rainbow trout...
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    What's the most technically demanding.....

    Getting a dead drift on fast glides just above the rapids has beaten me all ends up so far!
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    First of the season on the Mondego, Coimbra, Portugal

    Sixteen pounds of Barbel, that´s scary! In my experience so far, a three-pounder feels like you´ve hooked the proverbial runaway train....... This was one taken just before dark during a hatch of sedges last Thursday. The river was dropping nicely after hydroelectic generation. The fish...