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    Honest Anglers

    I was speaking to a friend this morning, he said he had fishing yesterday and had disaser,, He let rod fall out of the boat. Despite his best effort he could not find the rod, The rod was a Sage igniter and his reel a Waterworks force ula, He was gutted, Until he got a call today to say...
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    Dreaming of fishing

    Two weeks I had a knee replacement ,Tough going at the moment,,And I can't get out to fish,
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    Sage x 10ft 6wt

    Hi All, Sage X 10 ft 6wt for sale , I bought the rod last year, used only a few times it is in very good condition. 500 pounds or VNO. the truth is I have too many rods. Thanks. This rod has now been sold
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    Jungle cock cape

    Hi All , I am looking for a good quality jungle cock cape if anyone has one for sale, Thanks.
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    Greys platinum

    Hi All , I am looking for a Greys platinum 11ft 7wt Rod If any one has one to sell..Thanks.
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    Hi , I am looking for any ABU Toby's If anyone has any to sell. Cheers.
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    Waterworks force ula

    Hi all, I am looking to buy a Waterworks force ula 2x if any one has one to sell.. Thanks.
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    Waterworks force ula

    Hi All, I am looking for a Waterworks force ULA 2x if any one has one to sell..Thanks.
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    Danielson spools

    Hi,I am looking for spools for a Danielson dry fly.Has anyone got one to sell?
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    I am looking for a Waterworks ULA force 2x if any one has one to sell, Thanks.
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    Sage graphite v1

    Hi All,I am selling my Sage graphite v1,it's a 15ft 1 inch 10wt line with bag and tube all original in good order.....200 pounds,Thanks.
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    Peter O'Rielly

    It is with sadness and regret we learned of the passing of Peter O'Rielly,A fine angler who was always willing to give advice and share information,an author of many angling books,but most of all an absolute gentleman who will be missed by all who knew him. Bj.
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    Hi,I am looking for a Waterworks force ULA 2.5 for a 5/6 line,Thank's.
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    Sage xp

    Hi,I am looking to buy a Sage XP 9ft 4wt,has anyone got one they want to sell.Thanks.
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    Sage xp

    Hi All, I am looking to buy a Sage XP 9ft 4wt if anyone has one they would part with. Thanks.
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    Greys platinum xd

    Hi all,I know this may be a long shot,Is there anyone that would have a Greys Platinum xd 11 ft for a 7wt line that they would sell. Thank you.
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    Taimen waders

    Is there anyone who has any experience in these waders.Thanks.
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    Loomis glx.

    I am selling a loomis glx 10 ft 7wt,It is a two section rod,This rod is brand new,never used,with bag and tube,400 pounds.Thanks.
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    Sage Rods

    Hi,I am looking for other members opinions on the difference between the Sage 1 and the Sage X rods.The 10ft 6wt in particular. Thanks.
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    Tip section

    Hi All,I am looking for a top section for a Loomis GLX 10 Ft 6wt for a friend who is not on this forum,or any advice on how to get one from Loomis. Thanks.