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  1. Tangled

    Stockbridge and the Test

    Returning from a few days in Dorset I convinced the wife that it was worth stopping for a coffee in Stockbridge, the spiritual home of fly fishing. (I left that last bit out). We had a coffee on the main drag and look what I found... No fishing but at least I got 15 minutes in here...
  2. Tangled

    Orvis on the High Street

    I was in Sherborne, Dorset, this week pottering up the high street when I looked in yet another a clothing shop window and saw a fly rod on one of the dummies. A double-take found it to be an Orvis shop, so I wondered in. Pastel shades of expensive woman's wear everywhere but I was told that...
  3. Tangled

    Is it ok....?

    These are exceptional, unprecedented time, can I go sea fishing? With bait? I mean, it's only 500 yards away. Please. Otherwise it's another bloody jigsaw.
  4. Tangled

    Understanding Carbon Trout Rods

    Understanding Rods My Christmas present to the forum. Careful how you unwrap it. This understanding is about modern, single-handed, carbon fly rods. It’s very much ultracrepidarian, but maybe you can help me by responding in the thread below. Introduction At the risk of stating the bleedin’...
  5. Tangled

    Best Carbon Trout Rods Ever Built

    I wonder if we can agree on which are the absolute classic fly rods. I doesn't need to be expensive it just needs to be what you consider to be the best casting tool you've ever used. Personally, I've not used enough rods to have much of an opinion nor am I good enough a caster to fully...
  6. Tangled

    Who Makes Fly Lines?

    These are the ones we know, can anyone add more information? Manufacturers Airflo - Based in the UK, now owned by Mayfly Outdoors, an American company. Cortland - USA Monic - USA Northern Sport Fishing- UK and Canada, now probably only manufacturing in Canada 22M Ltd - UK, probably no longer...
  7. Tangled

    Understanding Fly Lines

    This article is still being edited and added to. Please contribute if you can. Introduction This is all about modern plastic fly lines used on single-handed rods, mainly for UK trout. The fly line provides the weight necessary to enable your fly rod to propel your fly to its intended target...
  8. Tangled

    Lockdown #2: Can't fish on club waters?

    Just heard on Radio 4 that fishing is allowed on public waters but not club waters? What?!
  9. Tangled

    Petition to stop sewage discharge into our rivers

    This petition is posted on the salmon forum, but I reckon we're just as interested
  10. Tangled

    Fly Fishing is a Joke

    If you have to explain it, it's missing the point.
  11. Tangled

    Anyone tried a balanced fly?

    I'm intrigued by these things, probably because I've never come across them before. In the States often fished under a bung so that they hang naturally level in the water but don't need to be.
  12. Tangled

    Understanding Buzzers

    This is an attempt to gather together our collective wisdom, experience and internet borrowings about all things buzzer in one place. It’s work in progress; please contribute by adding to the discussion below. Introduction Buzzers are a very large part of a trout’s diet so it’s not surprising...
  13. Tangled

    Gone Fishing - New Series August 2020

    Fab Gone Fishing will start series 3 on TV on Sunday, August 23 at 8PM.
  14. Tangled

    Water Temperature

    My local lake is now reading 23C and the fish are smooching around on the bottom, not interested in much. Pretty hopeless fishing though you can get a random suicide occasionally. But fighting a fish in those temperatures seems cruel. I've just had an email from another club that runs the...
  15. Tangled

    Achtung Ants!

    ... First flying ant spotted!
  16. Tangled

    Understanding Fly Line to Leader Connections

    This is an an attempt to put everything we know about connecting fly lines and leaders in a single place. If you can add anything to it or feel it needs to be corrected, please reply in the usual way. Introduction How to connect a leader to a fly line is a perennial question here and a source...
  17. Tangled

    Rod Storage

    I'm unreasonably pleased with this Gutter brackets, £1.20 each
  18. Tangled

    Chalk Springs Visit

    Chalk Springs I've wanted to go to Chalk Springs for many years, not sure why really it just had the reputation of a very good fishery - crystal clear spring water, sight fishing and stalking, short casting and light tackle. And as my club is not currently allowing guests, going to a public...
  19. Tangled

    Leaked Plan for Return to Normal

    We should be in first phase if true. Government's roadmap to ease Covid-19 restrictions will be set out in 5 phases. These phases will be on 3 week review process, the current phases would commence on the following dates: Phase 1 - 18th May Phase 2 - 8th June Phase 3 - 29th June Phase 4 - 20th...
  20. Tangled

    Fly Acceptability Chart

    For the sake of argument ... Fill your boots ...