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  1. Scotty90

    Once used mint condition Vision Stillmaniac 10 foot 7 weight

    As title, bought the rod used it once then decided I have enough 7 weights. Will email photos to anyone interested. £280 posted.
  2. Scotty90

    Zulu spider

    Fulling mill short shank special 12 Globrite 4 Black floss Fine silver wire Metz hen black Black uni 8/0
  3. Scotty90

    Swap mint condition vision stillmaniac 10 ft 7 wt for similar quality 9’6” 6 or 7 wt

    As title, bought last week and used once so mint condition, bought on a whim and I’ve got a few 10 foot 7 weights so looking to swap for similar quality/condition 9 foot 6 for a 6 or 7 line. Will email pics to anyone interested. Scott
  4. Scotty90

    Kate McClaren (globrite)

  5. Scotty90


  6. Scotty90

    Vision deep and spare spool SOLD

    Above reel in 9/10 size, spot on for pike. Few light scratches but no dings or dents. Black reel and spool, loaded with 30 lb backing and vision pike lines in 9 wt, one inter and one floater. £80 posted. Will mail photos to any one interested. SOLD
  7. Scotty90

    Loop Q 13’2” 8 weight double hander SOLD

    Very good condition loop Q salmon rod, bag and tube. I will email photographs to anyone interested. £180 SOLD
  8. Scotty90

    Black spider

    Size 12 b160 Uni flat gold Black fronz Metz hen black
  9. Scotty90

    Couple of blobs

    Top one is on a fasna blob hook 10 Sunburst 5mm eyes Shocking pink 15mm blob Fritz Globrite 9 tail bottom is 7mm foam arse CBC mojito electric egg Uni fire orange Fasna wet heavy 10
  10. Scotty90

    Razzle dazzle booby

    Wet heavy barbless 12 Black velvet marabou Veniards razzle dazzle 5mm black foam
  11. Scotty90

    G3 breaking

    I got a new label spool of 7lb g3 material the other week, I’ve used it for years in 6,7,8lb sizes and never really had any problems with breakage, this new spool is guff. Not sure if it’s just a dud spool or if the material has changed slightly (for the worse). Anybody else has this ?
  12. Scotty90

    Orvis Battenkill Spey V SOLD SOLD

    Mint condition Battenkill Spey V, loaded with airflo ridge running line 20lb and an Airflo skagit compact 2 570 grain head. Also an Airflo fast sink 15 ft tip fitted. While set up used for a couple of casts one outing last autumn then put away. £110 posted SOLD
  13. Scotty90

    Black and silver organza diawl

    Fulling mill comp heavy 10 Black cock tail and beard Uni flat silver Black organza Jc
  14. Scotty90

    Black and silver buzzer

    Fulling mill comp heavy 10 Utc 70 black Fine silver wire Uni flat silver White nail varnish
  15. Scotty90

    Pearl and chartreuse cormorant

    Jim tuck wet 10 Pearl Mylar Silver wire Chartreuse eggstacy nano Black velvet marabou Red holo
  16. Scotty90

    Silver and peacock viva

    Filling mill comp heavy #10 Citrus burst marabou Uni flat silver Small french oval silver Black peacock Black velvet marabou JC eyes
  17. Scotty90

    Reservoir box in progress

    A wee box for the sling bag for when I’m fishing the bank on the club ressie.
  18. Scotty90

    Red JC Diawl Bach

    Jim tuck barbless wet #10 Furnace hen tail and beard Red uni tinsel Silver wire Natural peacock Jc cheeks
  19. Scotty90

    Swap mint 9 ft 6# Daiwa airity x45 for 7 weight rod

    As title, looking to swap mint condition daiwa airity x45 9 foot 6# for a 9 foot 6 inch or 10 foot 7 weight rod of similar quality, if any interest I can email photographs and will consider any brand of rod. Can make up any value difference with cash also. scotty