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  1. Paul_B

    Lumber support wading belt: Opinions/recommendations?

    We were supplied with weight lifting belts at work, I think I'll give it a go with my thigh waders (y) Thanks for the tip :)
  2. Paul_B

    Aldi are selling Polaroid glasses

    Plus one for the golden ale, I pour it into a jug before pouring into the glass to remove some of the gas, Sorry Doobry, Oh and my daughter has done her asda order and got me a bottle of malt for fathers day, it arived complete with security tag, so thats going to be a talking point :unsure:
  3. Paul_B

    What’s this

    Curry fly?
  4. Paul_B

    Wish I'd known this about breathable waders

    I only wade just above the knee and solved the leaking wader problem by buying some Dunlop thigh waders :)
  5. Paul_B

    What are the Lancsy Lads up to next? (Volume 2) 2018-

    Ours are also ready and the new tatties taste beautiful, the second earlies are also doing well, more than can be said for the beetroot :confused:
  6. Paul_B


    Here are chaffer beetles humping on a Philadelphia
  7. Paul_B

    Fishing under Pilons

    I traded a fibreglass fly rod for a very nice beach caster so he could fish near overhead wires,
  8. Paul_B

    Under rated tackle and over rated tackle

    I'd pay another fiver for my nail clippers if I lost them, oh and Id buy another £2 lanyard 🤪
  9. Paul_B

    Fishing neck lanyard

    I thought I'd gone to town when I spent nearly £2 on these for my nail clippers oops line nippers, :rolleyes: however it was with delivery :)
  10. Paul_B

    Fishing around Birmingham

    I don't know about the fishing but if you intend to go into Birmingham be aware of its congestion charge ;)
  11. Paul_B

    What are the Lancsy Lads up to next? (Volume 2) 2018-

    If you don't buy it you'll wish you had, if its not for you, you can always sell it, or ask the mrs 🤪
  12. Paul_B

    What are the Lancsy Lads up to next? (Volume 2) 2018-

    We had a walk in shower fitted and the bathroom redone, they all wore masks and put shoe protectors on before entering, one chap stayed over and cleaned everything as he left. The first gas shower we've had and its brilliant (y)
  13. Paul_B

    Buying hooks.

    It is sad as I knew a lot who worked there so I got most of my tying materials from the bin :whistle: and fishing clothing and tackle on the big discount days, plus big discounts for us regulars.
  14. Paul_B

    Buying hooks.

    You wont go wrong with Kamasan (y) I use B175 for anything that I want to sink, and B170s for anything that should float. I still have hooks that I bought from a local firm at £5 a 1000, good hooks but they found they could make flies cheaper in their Korean factory than those tied by our...
  15. Paul_B

    wading boot sizes

    I'm a size 10 and ordered the same size wader, as they said they would be slightly larger to except thick socks, they're larger and a perfect fit with gel insoles (y)
  16. Paul_B

    Baked Boobie Eyes?

    A buoyant head (with drilled hole) that sits just sub surface with a fluorocarbon tippet
  17. Paul_B

    Baked Boobie Eyes?

    plus 1
  18. Paul_B

    Waldo the robin.

    My Robin mate sits on the gate while I go through it and this year has brought some of its offspring to have a ride, so tame :)
  19. Paul_B


    Plus 1, There was a lot of home goals scored while they were winding Tony up and we have long memory's
  20. Paul_B

    What are the Lancsy Lads up to next? (Volume 2) 2018-

    It is an ordeal but it has great rewards, I'm pleased it went well :) I've ended up with a floater just off centre which is annoying when fishing as I kept thinking it was a fly buzzing around, I'm used to it now so its not a problem, although it is still slightly amusing at times when I try...