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  1. Paul_B

    Latest Priest

    My daughter has had a go at putting one of my fathers flies into resin in the end of my latest priest, I like the way shes made it look like the crack in the wood mimics the line. :) I'm well pleased
  2. Paul_B

    Lock down again

    For those of us who keep poultry that is, just heads up that us poultry keepers need to keep our livestock locked in for a while as avian flu is about :( more about it here Avian influenza (bird flu): Latest situation - GOV.UK (
  3. Paul_B

    Christmas box

    I've just a had a pleasant surprise of one of my dads fly boxes from the 1960s and he wasn't bad tyer by the looks of it. Posted to me by my brother who was the last keeper of the box, so I now have his perfection rod and a fly box :)
  4. Paul_B

    Treble hooks

    I'm just wondering if anyone ties salmon flies trebles :unsure:
  5. Paul_B

    Spoon Salmon

    Just seen this one, a sculpture to celebrate the return of the Salmon to the Don...
  6. Paul_B

    Salmon fishing for free

    I thought that would get your attention :) Just seen theres a taster session in Sterling for anyone whos interested, Stirling Council Fishery - River Teith Permit (Season opening free taster session) - Fishing Around the Forth
  7. Paul_B

    Good fishing

    Good fishing but bad conditions, however heres one from our puddle today and a nice fighting big blue, also a few others. I lost a couple of decent one early doors as the shimano line snapped at the hook so went back to good old G3, losing fish is bad enough but I lost my most productive flies...
  8. Paul_B

    Air tank

    Does anyone know the best place to buy a 300 bar air tank from for filling my airgun, any suggestions :)
  9. Paul_B

    Tweed & Sunday fishing

    I'm having my usual holiday at St Boswell next week but I have two questions for those in the know :) Is the river fish-able after all the rain & is Sunday fishing allowed for brown trout? I tried looking at the web site but my computer blocked it (This site may harm...
  10. Paul_B

    Loch Forfar

    We're or rather the OH & my daughter are planning a weeks holiday for us all in Scotland, next to Lock Forfar, I wasn't very interested until the mentiond it was next to fishing. Can anyone tell me a bit about the fishing, what sort of prices & is it any good :) Thanks in anticipation....... Paul
  11. Paul_B

    Precision Rod

    I've just been given a Precision cane fly rod (Tudor Works, Redditch ) its just over 9 ft, it also came with a 3 1/4" Condex reel & probably the original fly line, was a fishing prize from the early 50s, It has the makers name & address on the rod but not a hint to what line weight it...
  12. Paul_B

    Hardy Perfect

    My brother Des, is knocking on a bit (80 ish) & wants to sell his hardy perfect reel, hes had it since he was a lad along with some other old good quality tackle, hardy rods etc. He's just bought a new Cortland line from Carrilon & it worked out cheaper to buy it on the reel ? This has got...
  13. Paul_B

    deer hair

    I've been given some Munjack skin is the hair as good as deer hair thats used when making sedges. I thought I'd better ask before I try to cure it:) Paul