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    US Striped Bass numbers

    I received a circular on conservation of declining east coast US striper stocks focussed on correct catch and release practice. Some of the numbers were amazing to me. Bad catch and release is identified as the biggest cause of fish mortality and apparently more fish die after being released...
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    Check your tackle

    Today I got out my boat rods which are stored in a double tube with reels attached. They have been untouched since autumn 2019 and I discovered that there is corrosion on both of the Greys reels (a GX700 and a GX500). None of this tackle has ever been anywhere near saltwater. Almost 20 years...
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    Best Flylines of 2020

    There's some entaining stuff on the internet Try this one - There is much wisdom here. Don't buy an Orvis Clearwater because Cons Only suitable for clear water. Don't buy a maxcatch avid because Cons Difficult to find the right sized line...
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    Piscifun and Maxcatch

    I need to replace the reel that I use for reservoir bank fishing and have been trying to make sense of the chinese offerings. My requirement is a reliable reel and two extra spools for 7 weight with the accent on robustness rather than light weight. Can anyone guide me round the Maxcatch and...
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    Airflo /Fishtec whats happening?

    Can anyone clarify what is happening with Fishtec? When Mayfly (Abel) took over Airflo in November last year I seem to remember something to the effect that they were closing down Fishtec. A couple of days ago I had an email from Fishtec with a link to their catalogue but if you click on any...
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    Repairing Korkers wading boots

    Last week the toe section of the sole of my Korkers (which retains the front end of the sole) started to come away. I hadn't until now realised that this wasn't part of the main sole moulding. Is there an adhesive that can be used to repair this? Obviously one issue will be to ensure that...
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    Landing net for UK saltwater use

    Ive never used landing net in about 20 years of UK saltwater fishing but I recently needed one. Im biased against using one in the interests of travelling light. Wading with a longer handled net doesnt really work, and a scoop net doesnt work if you are on a bar or rock more than a couple of...
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    pink leader

    Earlier this year there was a review of Seaguar pink flouro in flyfishing and flytying. It's listed on the Seaguar US website, but not on the Fordham & Wakefield (UK distributor) web site. Does anyone have any relevant experience of it as a tarpon leader?
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    cork handle repairs

    I have a rod on which the cork ring that overlaps the start of the reel seat has broken and about a third of the circumference has come away and been lost. Any suggestions on how to make a repair please? The shiney stuff is where I wrapped it in insulating tape to protect it.
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    Writing on Rods

    This is a heads up to say how impressed and pleased I am with the ZIG Posterman pen I bought yesterday for £2.50 from my local art supplies shop. It has a 0.5mm point and it's a really opaque white. As well as for permanent writing on the completed rod I also used it to draw working alignment...
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    Maintaining rings

    I have 5 salt water rods upto 20 years old where in spite of meticulous care the foot of the stripping guides is starting to show faint signs of rust. The rings are not worn, so don't actually need to be replaced and if I did replace them the thread wouldn't match the whippings on the snakes...
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    Moth protection

    Given that non of my local shops stock good old fashioned moth balls, what do you recommend for protecting feathers and hair and also treating newly harvested feathers for mites or whatever might be lurking there?
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    #12 casting practice

    I feel a need to practice my #12 casting, but my #12 lines are tropical specifications. I have a Bermuda TT and an Airflo Tropical Short Tip, plus Teeny 350 and 450 lines. The Teeny lines are probably castable in uk temperatures but I feel I ought to practice with floating lines even on land...
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    Product names

    I've just received the latest version of the Fishtec catalogue. Whenever I look at this catalogue I am intrigued by the Airflo Comfort Zone Stool Bag. This title seems to me more appropriate for a dog walking aid than a fishing accessory. Clearly someone in Brecon was having a larf when they...
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    ***** proof waterproof compact camera with optical viewfinder

    I had an early Olympus Mju with an optical viewfinder which was "weatherproof" but was ruined by an unplanned swim in a tide rip. I replaced it with a later waterproof version that did not have an optical viewfinder. This was useless in bright sunlight especially wearing polaroids because you...
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    Gelspun backing

    Unless you are buying miles, 50lb gelspun backing typically costs £20 per 100 yards/metres. Braid sold for spinning typically costs half that. What's the difference and what what type do you recommend? (I do like the look of the Rio multicolour backing, which reminds me of the multi-colour...