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    Fishing Loch Hope in August?

    My friends used to tell me of a boatman called Walter who used to frequent the Altnaharra Hotel - think he lived opposite. I believe he was on Loch Naver but presume he was an expert on Loch Hope too. They said he was a lovely man and no matter what time of year you went in there, it was his...
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    Champions league final

    Yep, I think Tucel won that one. I enjoyed the game and no doubt the best team on the night won. Reg Wyatt
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    Daddy longlegs ?!

    I'm still curious Bob. A heavy hatch of BWO'S, the fish was rising to them, and you had a daddy longlegs tied on? Reg Wyatt
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    Old Age.

    Exactly the same with me. Old age certainly brings with it bad eyesight, bad backs, a definite lack of concentration etc but also an acceptance of other things more pleasant and enjoyable. A secret snooze on the bank, a roll up when you know you shouldn't and being able to chuckle at yourself...
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    What makes us happy..

    Thanks. Saved me typing it. Reg Wyatt
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    River Alness

    Thanks for the advice. Reg Wyatt
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    River Alness

    Thank you very much colliedog. Fingers crossed. Reg Wyatt
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    River Alness

    Wondering if anybody has any information regarding the Alness? Always been on my bucket list but I'm afraid I know nothing about it or if perhaps it's a dead man's shoes river. Any info or opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou. Reg Wyatt
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    Champions league final

    So now it might be played in Portugal? Uefa say their sponsors etc cannot be guaranteed travel to England so it's better to fly around ten thousand people from England to Lisbon? What is wrong with this organisation? Rotten to the core and quite unbelievable. Reg Wyatt
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    Champions league final

    Manchester City v Chelsea. Supposedly in Turkey which is currently on the red list so no English fans could attend. The FA are in 'delicate negotiations' with UEFA about the possibility of playing the final, between two English teams, in....England and not in an empty stadium in Turkey. That's...
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    Is this a sea trout smolt?

    Absolutely correct Andy although I have caught salmon smolts on the Test that give a real account of themselves! I suppose chalkstream smolts are generally S1's that grow a lot bigger a lot quicker? Fascinating subject thanks. Reg Wyatt
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    Is this a sea trout smolt?

    What beautiful looking trout. Well done, proper fishing. Reg Wyatt
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    The European Super League

    Interesting watching Gary Lineker, Rio Ferdinand, Joe Cole and Steve McManaman, four multi millionaire ex footballers, discussing the greed of football clubs without a hint of embarrassment or irony or even humour. Reg Wyatt
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    Salmon, Seatrout or big Rainbow?

    Like a silvery rainbow missing it's purple sheen. Reg Wyatt
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    The European Super League

    Get Blatter and Platini back in to sort it out. Rotten to the core methinks. Reg Wyatt
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    The occasional anti-social game angler

    It is something that has always amazed me too Douglas - littering. Frustrated me so much that people, farmers whoever can just dump their litter. The only way I can get rid of said frustration is to pick it up myself. I then joined the local litter picking group and cannot tell you how...
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    Sewage in our rivers....the water companies have to be stopped

    Speak to the river keepers that we both now JCP and you'll be given further horrendous stories of the lack lustre response from those in charge. The keeper at Nursling ten years ago had a dossier of over one hundred reports to the EA of pollution. The EA visited the site for the first three...
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    Conservation Corner

    Been talking about it longer than the EA has been in its current guise and will no doubt be talking about it for many years to come. The water companies won't do anything until forced by government so will continue to rake in the profits by sucking our aquifers dry. Beggars belief at the...
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    Conservation Corner

    Never understood the complications of transporting water a few hundred miles via pipeline. Expensive I'm sure but not impossible. They transport oil thousands of miles around the world via pipeline so why not treat water in the same way and treat it just as carefully? The acidic water from...
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    Any one for Alba

    Wow! A ringing endorsement for the SNP. As you say, sad that it's such an obvious fact. Reg Wyatt