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    Sage 9ft 6inch #7 Z Axis

    looking for an elusive Sage Z axis, in a 9ft 6 inch for a 7 line.
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    Sage 696RPL

    Hi Rod arrived safely, as described, smuggled into the house without the wife knowing. All Good Many Thanks Bryan
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    Sparton replacement bladders

    Cheers for the heads up. Bryan
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    Sparton replacement bladders

    Hi All Bit of a long shot but i have a Spartan red devil V tube with the twin bladders, had it from new so figure for safety's sake i should get new bladders, question is where can i get them from. Thanks
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    Rio Streamer tip WF8

    Got this WF8 streamer tip which i put onto a spool about a year ago and have never used and probably never will. LINE NOW SOLD PENDING PAYMENT £25 including postage. Thanks Bryan
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    Lamson LP3 Reel or spools

    Hi I am on the look out for a #3 lamson lp reel or spare spools, i realise its old hat but i like them. thanks Bryan
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    Bloodworm Apps - the name?

    Stillwater Angler is about right, the apps worm started lots of years ago, possibly 20 when Peter Appleby fished on the Stonebridge small water team with a guy call David Deacon, (Davids son in law owned Stonebridge)now David would send me flies to copy and tie in bulk, most likely for himself...
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    Rio GOLD WF8

    Hi I have a new, in the box wf8 rio gold which is a replacement line for a one i returned, this one is surplus to requirements as i purchased a line to use while the faulty one went back. Just wanting a quick sale of £35 including first class recorded postage. Cheers LINE NOW SOLD THANKS Bryan
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    morphy richards breadmaker

    good idea Located Newcastle Upon Tyne
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    morphy richards breadmaker

    Hi Got a morphy richards breadmaker, its a fastbake in stainless steel. just make a sensible offer, will swap for flies ,line,whatever, we tried it 3 or 4 times, its clean and still in its original box. probably need to pick it up from me as its too bulky for post. Bryan
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    ridgeline recoil jkt

    Have for sale a brand new ridgeline Recoil jkt in olive, size 3xl. Just got in the house with it and the missus is in disagreement that i need a new jkt, £100 including shipping just to get some peace and quiet. cheers
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    Hardy cls reel plus 2 spools

    Sorry, 5000 B
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    Hardy cls reel plus 2 spools

    Hi Unwanted gift ,Hardy cls reel including the two spools in comes with plus two extra spools , have had lines on the spools,all with the original box, few minor marks,plus i took the ratchet out so the retrieve and drag is silent. £150 posted. Thanks, and please some one buy it before i...
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    Reel help.

    Hi For a while in the UK guide fly fishing were n importer of STH reels,might be worth a punt sending them an email.It was some time ago but you never know. Bryan
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    sage rpl 9ft #4 custom

    hi I am selling a 9ft sage rpl custom built,its a #4 line ,its a two piece rod, its built with a nickel silver/maple reel seat,flor grade corks,single leg snakes,whipped in the originall rpl thread colours. it has only been field casted and never been fished,its not my sort of rod as its a...
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    Hardy Ultralite DD

    Hi still clearing some gear out to finance my next rod build and have decided to get rid of this hardy reel,its a ultralite 4000dd in black. used once,comes with backing but no line £140 posted.,, reel sold thanks
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    2 rods for sale

    Hi Got a custom built sage rpl for sale.its a 9ft 6inch for an 8 line in two piece. I built it using sic stripping guides,flor grade cork and an american tackle reel fitting,the running guides are single leg snakes. rod cost me a total over 200 pounds to build,willing to accept £200 shipped...
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    Thought provoking-Rod review

    Hi I don't normally get too involved in this sort of conversation/argument but,heres my tuppence worth,i have been in the tackle industry for 28 years,sort of been there done that,built rods rods for 28 years plus,seen it all, blank wise,i dought the rod in questions blank was built on a...
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    Dyna-King Cement Reservoir

    hi have replied to your PM Bryan
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    custom sage and mhx for sale

    Have not been on the forum for some time,not been fishing for longer unfortunately,therefore i am selling two custom built rods first is a Sage 9ft 6in #8 line 2piece built on a RPL blank,flor grade cork,immaculate condition,in fact only built it earlier this year and not really used it,lines...