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  1. colinmac

    waistcoat/vest recommendations.

    I'm thinking of purchasing a new waistcoat. I've already got the airflo back pack for fishing river & my old stillwater one I plan to replace. I need it to have plenty room for my bulk to squeeze into.
  2. colinmac

    Is our sport cruel?

    Is our sport cruel? We cast a line out with multiple hooks on it in the hope of outsmarting a fish or 2. Sometimes we manage this, then we fight the fish, drag it in knackered. Then we either release it or smack it on the bonce with a lump of wood,horn or metal. The crule part is not always...
  3. colinmac

    Happy new year

    All rhe best for the year ahead to all forum members :wine::wine::wine:
  4. colinmac

    Ian Muckle & Zander

    In this months Trout Fisherman, Ian Muckle has said he would like to see zander introduced into Scottish waters. I'm not so sure we need another species introduced into our waters.
  5. colinmac

    L,T,C Fleece.

    Has everyone seen the new LTC fleece. Looks good I've already placed my order with Munro. Have a look guys if you have not done so already .:thumbs::thumbs::thumbs:
  6. colinmac


    First salmon flie I've tyed in years. Dressed on a salar #7. Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk 2
  7. colinmac

    How selfish are we?

    A couple of years back i was fishing on Loch Thom, I'd made an early start 4am. I wanted to be on the lochside for sunrise. It was a beautiful morning a lovely breeze was blowing, so i set up my rod & walked down to the waters edge. Just as my line hit the water, i heard a strange noise, i...
  8. colinmac

    Daniel Murray Memorial Day. Donations.

    If anyone would like to donate a raffle prize or something to be auctioned. All proceeds raised go to a ward for terminally ill children, in Yorkhill Hospital Glasgow. Please pm me if you can donate, kind regards Colin
  9. colinmac

    Banned on Glenburn, Fairlie.

    On arriving today, it was pointed out that there were some new rules. No indicators or any other such method are permitted Also no blobs or such flies.
  10. colinmac

    stand or sit whilst boat fishing?

    I've just been told that some waters have banned standing whilst boat fishing. I have always fished standing up in a boat. I would be interested in finding out what other anglers do. Or if you think it's a dangerous practice or not.
  11. colinmac

    favorite tying books or web sites

    What is your go to book or site when you need that little bit of inspiration? My own choices would have to be this site, North Country Spiders & Fishing Flies by Malcolm Greenhalgh & Jason Smalley .
  12. colinmac

    successful flies for others, that you fail to catch on.

    For me it be the blood worm. Tried fishing them with very limited success.
  13. colinmac

    3rd Daniel Murray memorial day. raffle tickets

    Ladies & Gents. If you have not already purchased your tickets, times a running out. The draw will take place on Saturday 31 March. Top class prizes, tv, wines, spirts, days fishing on various waters, not sure about the (cuddly toy), It's for a well worth cause, so come on dig deep. You can...
  14. colinmac

    whats your choice of floating line?

    If you only had one choice of floating line. Which line would you choose & why?
  15. colinmac

    fishing catalogues

    I see Fishtec have a new mobile network set up. I wonder if this means we will see less catalogues being published. Somehow i don't think so, if there other conter parts are anything to go by. Every time you pick up a magazine, the amount of junk that comes out is unbelievable at times. Even...
  16. colinmac

    Fortbhoys flies

    Up for Auction a stunning box of flies tied, by the late & sadly missed Steve, aka Fortbhouy. If you wish to place a bid please do so in the fly tying section. All monies raised we be sent to Steve's mum, to help with funeral costs or to put towards a headstone. Steve tied the flies for, the...
  17. colinmac

    Drouges, whats the best style?

    I've used the bog standard drouge, but sometimes feel it doesn't slow the boat down enough. I know Americans use a conical shaped drouge on river rafts & boats to slow them down. Just wondering if anyone uses this style on British waters, lochs & lakes?
  18. colinmac

    charity event.

    Hi guys, some of may well be aware of a great charity event that has taken place over the last couple of years. George & Senga of The New Hailey arrange the days event. All monies raised go to the charity. I was wondering if anyone would like to donate flies that they have tied or would tie...
  19. colinmac

    2 favourite tv shows

    Whats your 2 favourite tv shows, 1 fishing the other non fishing. My own would have to be Hooked on Fishing & Dads Army. Both are classic shows in there own rights.
  20. colinmac

    swamp people

    Not a feather in sight, but what a way to fish. Wonder if anyone has tried fly fishing for gators?