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  1. MobyJones

    HARDY SHADOW 220 rod reviews

    As per title. Good, bad or indifferent? :)
  2. MobyJones

    Press Manor

    Has anyone fished Bernies place recently? If so how's it fishing? Thanks in advance.
  3. MobyJones

    Proposed changes to the Scottish female deer season

    One for the forums deer stalkers. I've always chosen to not shoot roe does later on in their season but this proposed change for reds looks pretty grim to me. I'd love to see those responsible in the Scottish government challenged on live prime time TV if they accept the recommendations in the...
  4. MobyJones

    Home Office Consultation on Statutory Firearms Licensing

    One for the forum ticket holders... Link with more info here :- The Home Office wants to introduce statutory firearms licensing guidance for England, Wales and Scotland that will lead to even more chaos and confusion for everyone involved. A...
  5. MobyJones

    British Steelhead

    Not sure if this has been posted on FFF but thought some might be interested if not.
  6. MobyJones

    African Tiger Fish

    Have any members on here ever fished for African Tiger Fish? These are Hydrocynus vittatus and not the more famous Goliath Tiger Fish (Hydrocynus goliath) which you probably saw Jeremy Wade catch in an old episode of River Monsters. I'm off to Namibia next year with friends and we have the...
  7. MobyJones

    At what age did you teach your kids to fly fish?

    I have a six year old boy who's fishing mad. He loves pike fishing and loved fishing with spinners and bait in Florida even more where he's managed to catch some very nice fish. But a fly cast is still a bit of a challenge for him so I wondered at what age you taught your kids to fly fish?
  8. MobyJones

    Alaska Kenai Peninsula to Anchorage area

    So it looks like we'll be in Alaska next june / july. We'll be arriving by sea at Seward in the Kenia Peninsula for a week or so making our way towards Anchorage. Currently have carte blanche so I'm wondering what fly fishing options there are in this part of the world? Have any of you guys...
  9. MobyJones

    Scottish MSP tries to stop a new gunsmiths from opening in Edinburgh

    I read the headline and immediately suspected a member of the SNP would be behind this but it's a Labour MSP trying to stop the opening of a perfectly lawful and legit business from opening in his constituency. Story and links on how you can show your support are at the bottom of the page...
  10. MobyJones

    Scotland vs Portugal

    Made me smile...
  11. MobyJones

    Petition against the new offensive weapons bill

    I know there are a few FAC holders on this forum who are probably already aware on new legislation proposing the banning of some high calibre weapons. Weapons that have NEVER been used illegally in the UK. For those who feel this is a very silly and Ill thought out proposal there is now a...
  12. MobyJones

    FAC SGC renewal and NHS cutbacks

    One for the resident ticket holders. Five year renewal due today for my co terminus tickets. My FEO telss me "Your GP has not been very helpful". My GP is a friend of the family and all round great bloke, so this surprises me. It turns out that he and the partners of the local doctors practice...
  13. MobyJones

    Hunt sabs and Bank House Fishery

    Apologies if this has already been covered on here, I don't recall seeing anything but it happened a while ago :- Hunt protesters target anglers - Manchester Evening News Does anyone know if they were ever caught?
  14. MobyJones


    Just booked a plains game trip next june with friends. Has anyone else been out there? Any hints, tips random things to know etc? Trying for Eland, Gemsbok, Red Hartebeest, Kalahari Springbok and Steenbuck.
  15. MobyJones

    Salmon farming industry targets wrasse on a commercial scale

    Probably not the correct forum to post this in, but I thought some of you may find this interesting.
  16. MobyJones

    Derwent and Howden reservoirs

    Are there any members of the Birchinlee club on this forum? If so, how was your 2015 season at these two ressies and on the stretch of river? I might have enough free time next year to justify membership. I used to fish it years ago and miss it.
  17. MobyJones

    Rio Gold fly lines

    I need a couple of new 6 wt lines. I've heard good things about these but wondered if anyone else had an opinion on them. I'm looking at a floating and midge tip line. Thanks in advance.
  18. MobyJones

    Loch Awe

    Just a quick question. How many forum members who fish Loch Awe travel and book accommodation around the loch itself? Do you have any favourite areas where you stay?
  19. MobyJones

    Loch Etive

    Just done a couple of days on Loch Etive. The amount of rubbish around the loch seems to have slowly risen over the last few years, but this time I twice found a lot of fishing line by the shore side. Have some people no respect / brain?
  20. MobyJones

    Crow Hole reservoir Derbyshire

    Not sure if I'll even get a reply to this thread as it really is a long shot, but have any FFF members ever fished Crow hole reservoir in Derbyshire near Barlow historically? Please don't confuse it with Barlow fisheries. It's not open to the public and never will be again, but wondered if...