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    Maggot on fly gear

    I seem to remember Falkus having a section on this... I’m curious as to how it works a) encouraging the maggots to cling on and b) would you hook them up on a fly pattern or just a hook??? Live bait is forbidden on the rivers I fish but there is a small lake nearby where any method is...
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    WTB - #4 Cortland 444

    Looking for a Cortland WF #4 444 Classic in good condition if anyone has one to sell. Ta
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    Wiggly / Squirmy Worm

    The ‘indicator’ / bung thread has got me thinking about these. Are they best fished at a set depth under a bung / indicator or sent down on a sinker to sit off the bottom (I assume that’s where the worms would naturally lie). I appreciate fish may be at any depth but I was wondering what the...
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    Snowbee Switch

    I’ve just had a great afternoon out with my son, the river was thumping through after quite a bit of rain so I thought I’d give the switch rod a blast with a few tubes. I have to say I really like the Snowbee switch line, everything you would expect from a Snowbee line really; no memory worth...
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    Salmo the Leaper

    I used to love watching this with my little boy... he’s now fully grown and I’d love to see it again with him. Does anyone have a DVD of it that they could copy? Obviously I’ll happily pay for postage etc. Or Does anyone know if it’s available online through the various film media? It used to...
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    It’s only about 35 minutes up the road from me but I’ve only fished there once, about ten years ago. I popped in there yesterday on my way home and had a stroll about. ‘They’ say it’s one of the best brown trout fisheries in the U.K. - wow! What have I been missing? It’s quite a big water...
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    Banning of trebles.

    With the EA proposed byelaw to prohibit of some fishing hooks and trebles when fishing for salmon and sea trout from 2019, is it possible to fish single hooks on tube flies...? WRT to spinning, surely Flying Cs and Mepps rely on a treble.
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    Does powerbait and other scent work?

    Does soaking your boobies in powerbait have any impact on takes? I’ve used scented lures for Bass and found them less effective than hard lures. On the cruder side of things we all know the stories of flies being kept in the wife’s knicker draw and perhaps a few snips of female ‘dubbing’ being...
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    Fat Old Bag

    What do you put inside yours? I try to fish as light as possible, if I can fish a lengthy stretch of river with nothing more than a spool of tippet and a fly box then I am in my element. Especially salmon / sea trout fishing, I just figure that whatever else I think I might need then I’m sure...
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    A ‘reel’ bargain...

    Can anyone identify this and snap up the bargain of the century.... a snip at a £1000 Vintage Fishing Reel | in Plymouth, Devon | Gumtree
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    Fishing boobies on a sinker?

    Is there any difference between fishing boobies on a fast, medium or slow sink? I assume the objective is to let the line rest on the bottom with the leader length dictating the depth the fly sits at. So I assume speed at which it gets there isn’t an overriding factor?
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    The lost world of Mr Hardy

    I watched half of this film last night, it was like watching paint dry and I had to watch the news instead. However, I assume all the Hardy fans on here have seen / heard of this documentary? I was unaware of it and thought I’d just share it’s existence here for those that haven’t. I watched it...
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    William Joseph Availability

    Was someone search for these recently on here?
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    Wading poles, how do you.......

    Attach yours.... ? I seem to remember Falkus having some system or other for attaching a stout pole to his torso, but I ignored that section of his book at the time because I generally fish for salmon in spate level water that you just wouldn’t wade in.... Meanwhile back to trout fishing, does...
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    WTB switch outfit

    Not sure if I want to venture back with a switch outfit, but if anyone is trying to sell something along these lines please let me know so I can put it in the mixing pot :) At least #8 10’6 or 11’ Ta
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    FS: Barbour Beaufort Jacket

    Completely unused from new and has never been outside the house. I bought this a little while back and it has remained unused... not my thing really. Size 38 / Barbour size seems generous, no way am I a 38, probably a 42 - this is the one with a zipped poachers pocket across the back...
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    Greys wading boots sizing

    Does anyone here have experience of their sizing? Looking for some new boots to fit my size ten feet with a neoprene stocking. Snowbee recommend going up a size or two but Greys say they are ‘generous’ Ta DN
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    New style needed

    Okay, I ordinarily steer clear of still waters but thought I’d have a season on the local stocked reservoirs this year. I appreciate it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but what are the best ways to fish with blobs, boobies and wiggly worm type patterns? I’m told that, under certain conditions, if I...
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    #7 LA reel wanted

    Something half decent to go with my z axis but not a gold plated costafortuneandemptyyerwallet made from unobtanium. Anyone flogging something fitting that description? I’m not entirely sure that I won’t just buy a new reel but it’s worthwhile asking here I guess. Budget- £2.40 :D or perhaps a...
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    Salmon outfit. Snowbee

    Snowbee Diamond 13' #8/9 With tube sock and tags attached (plastic removed from cork but as new. Snowbee Onyx 9/11 reel. With pouch and box Loaded with Snowbee XT #9 (I think 36g) Scandinavian Spey line.... backing etc etc. and the box - loaded on the reel I ran this line through on the rod...