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    New Zealand welcome

    This is an interesting read:
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    Teal feathers (A.Jensen)

    So, I bought a packet of the stuff (Teal feathers from above company) and got very few usable feathers. It is a natural material of course, so you expect some variation. I'm tempted to put it down as a bad batch (that definitely didn't have anyone checking what was put into the packet). Before I...
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    Robert Smith, what thread?

    Just stumbled across this thread. You can for all practical purpose still get Persall's. The history I believe is Persall's sold to Langley sold to Morus silk (history is here: I'd say that every single batch will have some natural variation even...
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    New Zealand welcome

    I travel to NZ very occasionally (expensive) to visit in-laws and take kids to see grandparents. Nice to get some fishing done when I'm there. I think most of the 'pressure' is from Aussie/US anglers if its counting overseas anglers. But, I think it is a little shortsighted to bemoan...
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    Nymphs and dries - which 10ft rod?

    Marryat 10ft 3wt is a nice rod for light nymphing or swinging spiders. It is what I use if I'm fishing a team spiders. Nice rod, I think the 10ft rod helps a bit with mending, If I want to relax and just fish a team of spiders down and across, it is great for that. But will chuck a nymph and...
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    Are Rio having a laugh?

    Yep, that's the one! I've never quite forgiven Sportfish for selling me that.
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    Are Rio having a laugh?

    For fly lines, I find Wulff lines are excellent & half the price of Rio. I had a Rio line once - forgot what it was called, but the fly line landed like a 747 at Heathrow. Snowbee are good and less expensive still, but your floating line will be a midge tip after a couple of seasons. I have a...