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  1. roeroeyerboat

    Any good breathable waders on offer for less than £150 including boots?

    Another vote for the bisons here as well, I've had mine for three seasons also and there still faultless.
  2. roeroeyerboat

    New record Brownie at Loch Leven

    Me personally I would have returned the fish, but well done to the angler for breaking the record. I've no doubt that there are bigger fish still in the loch.
  3. roeroeyerboat

    Air-flo bad rep

    I used it for a wee while but never found it be as good as fulling mills. I now use asso from skb and have never had any issues with it.
  4. roeroeyerboat

    Disgusted by Scierra lifetime guarantee

    Will be interested to hear how this turns out as I have a HM3 as well, my next rod is going to be a Orvis though :D
  5. roeroeyerboat

    30lb Scottish wild brownie anyone?

    Great to see a fish like that put back.
  6. roeroeyerboat

    What do you pay for flies?

    Normally anything from 80p up to 2 quid, no sense in buying the really cheap ones online as they normally fall apart:omg:
  7. roeroeyerboat

    coldingham loch

    Fabs are foam arsed blobs - Flash Attack Flies, Fab Blobs, Blob Flies, Blob trout flies, Blob fishing flies, fishing blob flies
  8. roeroeyerboat

    Wild Loch fishing. (Loch Ba)

    The clothes in a bin liner tip is a good one but if you fish/camp out in the sticks regularly enough then I would recommend investing in a dry bag for your spare clothes and sleeping bag (not everyone has a waterproof rucksack after all). You can get them in various shapes, sizes and different...
  9. roeroeyerboat


    Nice looking fly :) is that a braided loop your using instead of the eye of the hook?
  10. roeroeyerboat

    Western 3 9.6 ft

    Sorry for the thread hi jack but was just wondering if anyone has used its replacement ( the clear water) . Just curious as to how the two compare ?
  11. roeroeyerboat

    Loch Glow today...

    ^^^ Half of them are auld photos mitchwell, check out the boats and the water level in the background. They could be doing with sorting out the photo albums into years as well as months.
  12. roeroeyerboat

    Loch Glow today...

    Shame it was deep hooked, the powerbait brigade would never have returned anyway. Most folks fishing there happily kill them without realizing that there wild fish :( I was looking at some old boys catch last year and had to tell him it was a brownie no a rainbow :omg: I was catching them on...
  13. roeroeyerboat

    Fishing Log Book Software

    If you've got a android phone search fishing diary apps there are a few that will allow you to sync the data to your pc.
  14. roeroeyerboat

    Rainbows winter diet?

    I've had rainbows from other places with stones in them as well.
  15. roeroeyerboat

    Should there be a "limit" on Loch Leven?

    Aye there should be a limit there should also be a limit to the amount of boats they have as well so they don't go and **** things up all over again.
  16. roeroeyerboat

    robson green extreme fishing

    Braw cheers for the heads up:thumbs: I know a lot of the tv anglers get stick on the forums but it beats watching all the other **** they put on the telly.
  17. roeroeyerboat

    When the Hawthorn's are out.

    I've always found Bibio hoppers to be deadly when the hawthorns are out :D wee jimmys fleas and the OP fleas look great as well though:thumbs:
  18. roeroeyerboat

    Raffle - Flies / Fly Lines / DVDs - £400 of prizes

    Put me down for a fivers worth as well please.
  19. roeroeyerboat

    Loch Glow closed down, rumours or truth?

    The glow was fishing well today, early morning boobies were working for me . Not that much in the way of hatches. Was also catching on emergers and getting plenty of interest to them, I would imagine buzzers would've worked good as well. There is some really dodgy bits when wading though so...