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  1. Secret Angler

    Trout abundance since 1975

    I've found some EA survey data going back to 1975. The graph at the link below shows the survey counts and population estimate (almost the same for sampling reasons) for brown and sea trout. The numbers on the vertical axis are counts of fish captured in a variable length sweep, averaged over...
  2. Secret Angler

    Gray's Sporting Journal - avbl in UK?

    Would anyone know whether it's possible to buy a copy of GSJ in the UK, from a shop in London maybe?
  3. Secret Angler

    Thoughts on the ad-driven mag, Today's Flyfisher

    On my blog.
  4. Secret Angler

    Will Millard's South Seas prog and its lessons on overfishing

    New post on my blog
  5. Secret Angler

    The Wild Trout Trust spring auction

    The WTT auction opens today. Not sure whether to approve or disapprove Lots are mostly quite pricey. I've never won any myself, baulking at several hundred pounds for a day's fishing which might not be that good. Anyone any experience of fishing any of the lots?
  6. Secret Angler

    Books on the outdoors and Caughtbytheriver

    New post on the above subject at Secret Angler's Blog.
  7. Secret Angler

    Today's Flyfisher

    Happened to look in a newsagent this morning and noticed a new magazine, Today's Flyfisher, the second issue, £6.99. Anyone seen it? It's a fat glossy, as you'd expect at that price, full of advert articles by logo-encrusted blokes who are ambassadors for this or that company. So lot's of 'my...
  8. Secret Angler

    Carp to be deported

    Shock news on the Secret Angler Blog.
  9. Secret Angler

    Redmire pool drained

    For coarse anglers, a commentary on the new-look Redmire.
  10. Secret Angler

    All about fishing forums

    ... and the bullies that inhabit some. Search for the Secret Angler blog or see the links in my earlier posts.
  11. Secret Angler

    Publishers and fishing books

    I've written about this topic on my blog in the latest post. I'm not allowed to link but a search for me will find it. Commentary on fishing forums coming up Secret Angler
  12. Secret Angler

    Hello everyone

    Hi Just joined. I fish in the south and west when I can, for trout or grayling mainly because that's what are in the rivers I get to. Look forward to chatting with you.