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  1. diawl bach

    Camp in my garden

    This - depending on pitch of entrance, obvs - sounds like a great idea
  2. diawl bach

    Climate change, wake of the flood

    Dahl, Germany Fish lie on a drain blocked by flooding after the Volme River burst its banks near Hagen Some shocking pictures of the floods which tore our European friends' lives apart, the scale of the destruction is huge. Over a hundred dead following one summer downpour, hard to believe...
  3. diawl bach

    Centenary of the Plumage Act

    There was an interesting article on the radio a couple of days ago which followed the course of the environmental movement which brought about an end to the wholesale slaughter of birds for the millinery trade, there are some obvious parallels with the importation of feathers for fly tying...
  4. diawl bach

    An illustrated map of the Teifi

    Available to view in high definition on the National Library of Wales website, Idris Mathias's amazing map of the Teifi coracle fishing pools. 60 feet long and a yard wide, 17 years in the making -...
  5. diawl bach

    Second hand book shop treasures

    I've had a bit of luck with finding books in junk shops this year and today I had four for a tenner - quite chuffed with this lot.
  6. diawl bach

    Saint George's Day

    Come on boys, I know you were burned by dragon at the 6 Nations but I'd anticipated a little more patriotism today 😁
  7. diawl bach

    The European Super League

    The irony of this statement is blindingly obvious to everyone bar, perhaps, Dowden. Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden said in a statement the government is "concerned this plan could create a closed shop at the very top of our national game".
  8. diawl bach

    Hackle Guards

    A hackle guard makes my fly tying easier, it keeps the fibres clear when I tie and varnish the head. I've been using a short length of ethafoam booby tube which seems to do the trick nicely for most patterns but at the expense of the hackle on parachute flies. I wondered what others use.
  9. diawl bach

    Rainbow trout fishing

    Out to the club pond today, lockdown had made it my first trip there since late 2019. I took my 8'4" 3 weight hoping to do some nymphing but the weather was iffy - a couple of light snow showers - and the fish were down. No response to the nymphs so changed to a black and green chain bead taddy...
  10. diawl bach

    Saving the Blue

    It isn't often that you'll find a radio drama which illuminates the somewhat dusty world of entomology but this one does just that in an entertaining and interesting way. The Large Blue was always a magnificent and rare creature but, by the early...
  11. diawl bach


    Millions of so called shrimps evident on the Ely yesterday, I often see the largest concentrations of these amphipods in the margins just after a flood. As the Ely carries a lot of sand the beaches which it creates after the water falls are bright, the ideal background to observe the much darker...
  12. diawl bach

    Some useless trivia

    In case you wondered, the Latin name for the Hobby is `Falco subbuteo´, it was used as the name for the game Subbuteo as its inventor wasn´t allowed to trademark the name `Hobby´.
  13. diawl bach

    Bloodworm / macro app

    Gave the birdbath a spring clean yesterday, it's a large terracotta dish with some quartz rocks in it. The previous day I emptied the water from it and left it on the lawn until I finished some other gardening work. It rained overnight , when I picked the dish up to empty it again I noticed...
  14. diawl bach

    Stay Local restrictions lifted for Wales.

    At last, I can get out and go fishing again. Let's hope that's the last lockdown we have to live through here and in the rest of the UK.
  15. diawl bach


    For the first time in 19 years a siskin on our bird feeder this morning. That's two firsts in a month, a greater egret by the river and now this brightly coloured finch. Saw the greater egret for a second time last week, it was flying over the field along the river, spectacular birds but I'm...
  16. diawl bach

    Explosive Good Looking Salmon
  17. diawl bach

    'Extinct' caddisfly Limnephilus Pati found in Outer Hebrides

    From the Scottish Herald - good to know we haven't completely wiped out this species -,for%20more%20than%20100%20years.
  18. diawl bach

    A couple of early season flies

    Replied to a post on the Taff thread re early season flies and as chance had it serendipity turned up a couple of examples while I was digging out another photo. Nothing special, just my somewhat tatty go to flies for March, gold bead seals ear and a flashy wet above. I search out a race...
  19. diawl bach

    Kashmir’s Trout Fishery in Troubled Waters

    An interesting if depressing article, quite fancy a trip to Kashmir one day, troubles permitting, reading this makes it look as though it'll have to be sooner rather than later.
  20. diawl bach

    Fish farming regs relaxed