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  1. bertie doe2

    Most Buoyant makes of leader and tippet/dropper line please.

    I'm guessing that co-polymer is co-polymer and has identical chemistry and therefore all float equally well but does anyone have a brand that sticks out above the others. Snowbee Slick works fine on the fly-line but seems to have no impact on helping the leader and tippets to float -...
  2. bertie doe2

    Blood worm buzzer question, thanks,

    Fishing a local reservoir tomorrow, the forecast is for strong winds, so I'll be using an orange foam blob as indicator / bung for good visibility. I plan to use a GH buzzer on point plus 2 other droppers. Where would you place the bloodworm and what other buzzer would be a good match. TIA.
  3. bertie doe2

    South West Fly Fair Sat 16th March 2019 Roadford Resv Cornwall

    South West Fly Fair, Roadford Lake – 16 March 2019 - SW Lakes Trout Fishing One of guest speakers is Charles Jardine, author of fly fishing and fly tying books :- YouTube
  4. bertie doe2

    The Cornwall & Devon Countrymans Fare, Launceston Sun 5th August 2018

    Countryman's Fair - Werrington Park Fishing — Countryman's Fair Fly tying demo's by Wes Ower and Ron Wilday from the local FT Guild. There will be rods to play with on the lake but I have no idea as to brand names. I last attended 6 years ago and they had rods by Snowbee, Vision and others.
  5. bertie doe2

    2 Dries, little and large

    I'm only 10 mins drive from the local 140 acre reservoir, so I like to pop along about 2 hours before dusk. Twice last week, the fish got very active in the last 30 mins before dusk. Tried a number of fly patterns but no luck. 9 foot, 5 weight rod, 5 weight floating line. 12 foot floating...
  6. bertie doe2

    Mono Tapered Leaders Query

    Newbie and apologies if this question has been asked before. Looking online, most manufacturers state that the leader is "Floating, Inter, or Sinking" etc., there are a couple of exceptions :- Daiwa Mono Leader, "made from Monofilament" Scierra Mono Leader, "made from Copolimer" Would these...
  7. bertie doe2

    24 Feb 2018 Roadford Lake Devon Fly Fair

    Starts 10am to 4 pm, a good 3 quids worth and free parking :- 2018 South West Fly Fair at Roadford Lake - SW Lakes Trout Fishing
  8. bertie doe2

    Vest with large TOP pockets recs please

    The problem with my existing vests, is the larger pockets are around the waist and need to be tucked inside my chest waders. The simple answer is to wear them on the outside and only wade waist deep on the local reservoir but there are times when you have to go a tad deeper :) Does anyone own a...
  9. bertie doe2

    Black and White Hackled wet fly id please

    I was given this fly by a friendly dog-walker early in the season. It's quite effective, this late in the season fished on intermediate. As you see it's got black and white hackles. At the front of the body, fine dark peacock hurl or chenille. Yellow thread on remainder of body and some gold...
  10. bertie doe2

    Boat fishing with nyphs and buzzers, help please

    I've been fly fishing on 2 local lakes, for about 4 years, here in the West Country. My set-up is floating line with a leader which consists of 8 feet of 15lb fluoro tied to 6 feet of 8lb fluoro. 2 droppers tied to the 8lb leader, using 6lb tippets. Then a final point tippet of 3 feet of 6lb. I...
  11. bertie doe2

    Sheep Creek Wet

    Hallo, I was following the thread 'Fishing the Renegade fly' by Arkred in General Fly Fishing forum and ended up (as one does) in Youtube :- I'm intrigued by the style of this fly but failed to tie a decent specimen. I'm all fingers and thumbs. I...
  12. bertie doe2

    Droppers: 2 turn reinforced upward pointing, water knot

    A relative beginner, this being my 3rd season fly fishing, so apologies if the subject of reinforcing the water knot has been raised before. I'm at that stage where I'm graduating from a 2 hook to a 3 hook set-up, with fewer tangles :) We know that the downward pointing water knot is stronger...
  13. bertie doe2

    Tippet or Dropper?

    Hello, I'm fairly new to fly fishing and I'm a bit confused over the name of the 8" length of say 6lb bs line which ties the fly to the leader. My 'go to' book is "Getting started at Fly Fishing for trout" by Alan Sefton. On p 16 he shows an illustration of a 'one fly set-up' and he refers to...
  14. bertie doe2

    Lure id please

    Hallo, I'm a relative newbie, so please bear with me. Found the lure (below) attached to anchor rope last year. Fortunately nobody has claimed it etc. Doing quite well with it yesterday, until I fouled a rock. In retrieving hook, managed to partly unbend it and also lose the barb. Lost 2...
  15. bertie doe2

    Handy digital weighing scales

    I've been looking for some scales that will double up for my local fishery catch returns and also for holiday luggage weighing. I'm retired BTW and have no fiscal interest in the product or vendor. 50KG PORTABLE HANDHELD DIGITAL LUGGAGE SCALE WEIGHING SUITCASE TRAVEL BAG SCALE | eBay They...
  16. bertie doe2

    Newbie help please - casting,leaders,setup etc

    Hello, I have 2 x 9' rods at 5 weight. Typically I will set one up for sinking and the other for floating line. Attached to the #5 flyline is a Greys 9' knotless 7lb tapered leader. Attached to the leader is 10' of 8lb mono or fleurocarb line. Attached to this are two 8" tippets in 4lb fleuro...
  17. bertie doe2

    Paired Wings ragged and split

    Tying a wet fly using hen pheasant wings, one left, one right. When placing the two slips on top of the hook, I take a loose thread turn then tighten up with the 2nd and 3rd turn. The wing ends up split into 2 or 3 sections (viewing side-on). It's a puzzle, I've tried using wet and dry fingers...
  18. bertie doe2

    Paired wing from hen pheasant

    In the book "Fly Tying for Beginners" the first section is Core Techniques. Under 'Paired Wing - Soft Loop' it suggests you take one slip from one feather and another slip from a second feather. Is this correct? I guess "yes" is the correct answer. There's probably a technical term for each...
  19. bertie doe2

    Half-hitch Tool

    The boxed starter kit I got before Xmas, included vice, scissors and half dozen tools. There was no parts list included, in either Engrish or Mandarin :D Most had an obvious function EXCEPT 3 x 2" long brass tubes. Each tube had 3different sized holes drilled about 5 mm deep. The ends are...
  20. bertie doe2

    Thread spools

    I saw advertised some mixed colour 250 yards spools of bulk 6/0 waxed thread. I have a couple of spools of 50 yard thread but being my first season, I have no empty spools. I can't tell from the picture what these spool sizes are. If they're the same as my existing ones - 25mm dia x 30mm high...