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  1. J

    predator 9ft #9 4piece

    should be fine , i used to use my 9'6 #8 GR60 but bought an extreme 9' #8 last year to use mainly for pike and its spot on, i'm not one for massive streamers, but it chucks out 3 & 4 " streamers no probs
  2. J

    8ft 3 or 4 weight

    shakespeare agility 2 rise, or Greys gr40 and keep the change
  3. J

    new member returning to fishing...with some questions!

    agree with this man, what agility have you got, the agilityrise are soft, but the agility2 would be faster than the 5# greys you've i'd guess, is the greys a gr 20 or 40 ? id guess your timing is off switching between the 2 in the wind
  4. J


    what weight you after, think ive got a 7weight eco still in packet, unused unopened
  5. J


    thats true, and don't do what i did slice through the line with a stanley knife, they had put on top of a fly reel box under the wrapping
  6. J


    not had any probs with a gold that ive used a lot, got several eco lines, one has cracked a bit, but at £4. i ain't going to complain
  7. J

    Withern mill

    been there a few times, 4 or 5 small ponds in a pretty setting, 4 or 5 weight perfect, always found single dries work best there, stripping garish teams will scare them, daddies sedge gnats , might be tough in august but you'l have a nice day away from skeggy
  8. J

    First couple of tries..

    just pinch your missus nail varnish, thats what i do keep at it, first few will look like sh-te, you'l be embarrassed to open your fly box, but then all of a sudden one will make you proud
  9. J

    Which weight rod should I use?

    shark...pike on a 4wt with no trace ? your good
  10. J

    Cassette reel advice please

    the greys is a great reel at its price, i use one (a 5/6/7) mainly on a #8 gr60 rod which balances perfect, and sometimes on a #7 gr40, i do have a 9'6" #6 agilty 2 and although ive not tried it on the agility i would think it would be a bit heavy. the gts would be prob 30g heavier than what i...
  11. J

    New to fly - starter set up help

    agility 2 is a bit faster than sigma, but yeh its not a 'fast' rod. yes, the sigma is as easy a rod for a beginner that i can think of, on the same line the sigma loads up quicker, handy if you've not got much back cast space like in your pics, unless your wading..
  12. J

    New to fly - starter set up help

    the agility is a little faster action, i find it a little more versatile, as in it'l cast a heavier fly easier as well as light one, the sigma is a bit softer action but is lovely and lazy feeling, and very easy to cast with. the agility 2 is lighter but tbh the sigma feels lighter than its...
  13. J

    New to fly - starter set up help

    ive got a 9ft #5 sigma supra, great little rod for the money, also check out the agility 2 , ive got a 8'6" #5 also and cannot fault it, not tried the maxcatch premium, but sure it would be great value, if you dont mind waiting for it to arrive
  14. J

    Line not lying straight after landing on water

    did you spool it up properly or get in a tangle ?
  15. J

    the Bruiser 12

    what did you use for the tail ?
  16. J

    The occasional anti-social game angler

    i retrieved a complete tent with a sleeping bag and a bag full of beer tins and rubbish inside, blowing on Haweswater last year, that some t-ss-r had abandoned, perfectly good tent too, car'nt understand it. i have'nt really seen fly fisherman leave much mess tho to be honest, except for coils...
  17. J

    New rod

    i regularly switch between between light to heavier weight rods, always enjoy going to a lighter rod after using heavier ones, but you have to get the 'feel' and 'timing' of your rod & set up right. if i was you just take your #5 out again on a calmer day and get used to the difference of it...
  18. J


    nice one, enjoy it ive had stuff turn up after nearly 3 months wait !
  19. J

    What a day.

    sounds great day, lovely lough to yourself ? some of my best days have been blanks too, if it was easy it would be boring
  20. J

    Starter Rod and Reel

    i would'nt worry about it, i bought a sigma supra 9' #5, initially because it was going cheap when my local tackle shop closes down and for something that my nephew could use occasionally, ive used it several times on stillwaters and its a really nice rod, easy to cast and forgiving, since...