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    Mivardi landing net Competition

    MivardiMivardi landing net Competition
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    Six Nations Lake Comp

    Does anyone have any info on this proposed 6 Nations Lake competition, to be held in Scotland in August 2014? England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, France and Belgium. Approved by FIPS Mouche! Any thoughts?
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    Apple Green Buzzer

    Does anyone know what the actual thread used to tie an apple green buzzer?? UTC?? Thanks.
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    Inter-Provincial Stillwater bank fly fishing championships

    Ulster Angling Council will be hosting the Inter-Provincial Stillwater bank fly fishing championships on Saturday 9th March. The venue to host this event will be Woodford fly fishery Carrickfergus, Co Antrim. The competition will run from 11am - 4pm and will be fished to Fips Mouche rules and...
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    Evolutionary aspects of the modern nymph

    This is worth a read for anyone interested in the competition scene... If this has been posted before, then feel free to remove... Evolutionary aspects of the modern nymphl
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    Leinster Stillwater Bank Championship 2012/2013

    The Leinster Stillwater Bank Fly Fishing Championship took place on Sunday the 18th November 2012 at Lough Aishling, Rathville, Edenderry, Co. Offaly. This is the fourth year of the Championships and it is growing in popularity. This year twenty three anglers participated in the event, to make...
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    FIPS-Mouche European Championships, in Portugal, on 13th – 20th May

    Folks, If anyone has updates on the FIPS-Mouche European Championships, in Portugal, would they mind adding them here, Thanks. :thumbs:
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    Echo shadow pe nymph fly rod 10'6" 3wt 4pc

    kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
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    Black & Peacock Variant

    I'm only tying a few weeks so here's my attempt at a Black & Peacock Variant.. For the moment, just working on basic patterns... Any thoughts?
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    Floating Bloodworm Pattern

    Hi Folks, New to fly tying but currently I'm looking for a floating bloodworm pattern that would be fished with a sinking line near the lake bed, or when the magazines mention a floating bloodworm are they talking about a Red Bloodworm Booby Nymph, like this? Any thoughts?
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    Wanted Greys STREAMLITE REEL 3/4

    Wanted Greys STREAMLITE REEL 3/4!! Thanks Robbie
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    Wanted Streamflex 10ft #4 or 9ft #4

    I am looking for either a Streamflex 10ft #4 or 9ft #4, if there's one for sale... Ta..