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  1. Octopus

    Greys G Tec 350 with 5 spools

    Still for sale?
  2. Octopus

    Lough Corrib

    This might not be the same incident but it's a report your son and every angler should read. Two men who went out to fish the same way that all of us do, they didn't do anything different to the rest of us. The Analysis section should definitely be read, food for thought...
  3. Octopus

    Lough Sheelin

    Managed two but there was very little activity on the lake. Seen about 4/5 boats on the lake and there were more boats than fly on the water. Wouldn't be in a rush out until there's reports of mayfly.
  4. Octopus

    Lough Sheelin

    Wet but happy ;-)
  5. Octopus

    Looks like I've been away for a while

    12 days shy of my tenth year on this forum and this is my 12th post. My average posts per year is getting out of hand :D:D
  6. Octopus

    Lough Sheelin

    Anyone been out recently? Giving it a drift tomorrow. In the rain :eek:
  7. Octopus

    Well known irish angling guide convicted of poaching.

    9pm on an August night. Hardly hiding is he. Doesn't give a toss.
  8. Octopus

    Yet more flylines............

    Bought a reel from Rutlandtrout, great condition, great value. Wouldn't hesitate to buy from again. :thumbs:
  9. Octopus

    not enough posts to sell on the forum

    If you don't have enough posts to sell WHY did you carry on and place it? Do our rules not apply to you?
  10. Octopus

    Read our rules

    read the rules
  11. Octopus

    Lough Owel

    Short answer, Yes.
  12. Octopus

    Looks like I've been away for a while

    3 posts in 6 years. 2 posts in one night, what a rollercoaster :D
  13. Octopus

    Looks like I've been away for a while

    Welcome, Octopus. You last visited: 21-05-2009 at 09:50 AM
  14. Octopus

    Bag Limit of Moy fishery

    New Salmon Regulations for this year. For September you will only be allowed 1 salmon. i.e. One per person. Two people fishing - 1 each. New salmon angling regulations 2006 Angling bag limit of 10 fish per angler of salmon or sea trout (over 40 cm) 1 per day up until 31st May 3 per day until...
  15. Octopus

    The old ones are always the best

    Spot on from stylie. When i'm fishing over the west (of Ireland, i'm from the East coast) it's all the traditional wets, Bumbles and them new fangled Dabblers!!:D Normally i'd use Connemara Black, Watsons Fancy/Bumble, Bibio, Sooty Olive/Bumble, Black Pennell, Blae & Black, Mallard and Claret...
  16. Octopus


    Just trying out a few photos from the Corrib. View from the bay. View from the bay 2. Ready to go. Ducks came out a little blurry, they just wouldn't stay still. My avatar Mayfly (about the only one I seen). Titanic. Result. 2 Hours later and the waves were coming over the boat!
  17. Octopus


    Well, I've been spying on the old forum for a long time now so I thought i'd take the opportunity to slip in here unnoticed before the paint dries. Hope to continue soaking up all the advice and getting nowhere with it as per usual.:rolleyes: