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  1. A. Fluker

    Aston Villa Mascot refuses to shake hands

    Aston Villa Mascot Refuses Handshake - YouTube :eek: Spose it should go in other hobbies although the theme is more the handshake that didn't take place.
  2. A. Fluker

    Soccer can be a hard game for girls

    Why women shouldn't play football - YouTube :eek:
  3. A. Fluker

    Dodgy Football Grounds

  4. A. Fluker

    Rainy's Hex Mayfly Tube Bodiz

    Wondering whether to persue a purchase as the 'Creamy Danica'. The product is sold out at a couple of online stores in the UK or stick to traditional body methods? Rainys Flies & Supplies - TB Hex Mayfly Anyone have first hand knowledge of these be grateful to hear. Cheers :)
  5. A. Fluker

    Vice attachment for camera

    Don't know if this should be in the Photographic section or not but thought it was pertinent to post here. Does anyone know if there is a universal vice attachment for a camera. Thought that this was a good idea...... Be interested to learn and apologise in advance if this subject has be...
  6. A. Fluker

    What fly to start with for a newbie?

    Always under the impression that one of the best flies to learn tyeing with were the spiders but my pal has elected to tie up Diawl Bachs. Roger Woolley always recommended learning winging first as everything else was easier and if one could work with wings then everything else would follow...
  7. A. Fluker


    Subject has come up every once in a while but can't find a source. Does anyone have any clues as to how to obtain a patch of Muntjac without going down the gun licence route? Be grateful for any positive replies - thanks for looking in the meantime. :)
  8. A. Fluker

    The $1200 Wading Jacket

    Columbia Sportswear | Men’s Omni-Heat Electric Wader Widgeon™ Interchange Well that's £773.00 or thereabouts in sterling! Happy New Year to all. :)
  9. A. Fluker

    Carman Trout Fisheries/Orvis clip - Pretty Cool!

    'FLY' - YouTube :)
  10. A. Fluker

    Favourite Fishing Poem

    Here is one of mine.... "Oh, thrilling the rise at the lure that is dry, When the slow trout comes up to the slaughter, Yet rather would I Have the turn at my fly, The cunning brown wink under water.” Do you have one that you could share? :)
  11. A. Fluker

    Barometers - anyone use them?

    I know we have had this thread before - many moons ago so just wanted to enquire if anyone used them in connection with their fishing or people just liked the hall decoration? Often wondered if they were considered to be a useful tool. Thanks for your views and any comments in advance. :)
  12. A. Fluker

    Anyone keep a fishing diary?

    I stated again about three years ago and although it's a bit of a pain keeping up to date it's fun looking back. Anyone else keep a fishing diary? :)
  13. A. Fluker

    Counting Flies.............

    From Headhunters Fly Shop on the Missouri River Counting Flies on Vimeo :rolleyes:
  14. A. Fluker

    What's your favourite 2011 Fishing Website (ALL with forums excluded)?

    Mine has to be Drake where I have nearly had an accident on more than one occasion due to laughing so much. What is yours? :)
  15. A. Fluker

    Something to get the adrenalin going..........

    THE GRAB - trailer on Vimeo :thumbs:
  16. A. Fluker

    Heads Up for John Norris - Penrith

    Why is it that whenever I speak to the fishermen who man the tackle shop at John Norris I always seem to get a no nonsense reply backed up by experience instead of bullshlt and a hard sale? The girls who answer the phone don't eem to take offence when you ask to be through to the anglers. They...
  17. A. Fluker

    What is the one most important item you would not change about your tying area?

    One sees lots of fancy vices, one gets to see huge storage systems that would be the envy of Amazon and Tescos. One gets to see magnificent chests (wooden ones) that have been converted to tying stations that would be worthy of Antique road show programmes. OK quality of tying materials is...
  18. A. Fluker

    Loopy - A. Fluker

    Just a quick word for anyone interested. I have decided to kill off the username Loopy for various reasons and Admin have been fully advised. Nothing else changes. Thanks for your interest which leaves me to say only one more thing on the subject and that is the new username has an 'L' in the...
  19. A. Fluker

    What’s your favourite synthetic material?

    Most traditional tyers shy away from synthetics because they all like a sense of tradition – nothing wrong in that. But as more and more animals, birds etc enter the endangered lists tying with these materials become more politically difficult and impossible to obtain. Then of course we have the...
  20. A. Fluker

    Best 4-5# Double Taper lines?

    Appreciate that this subject comes up from time to time but looking for up to date opinions that may have been affected by any recent market developments. Thanks for your views in advance. :)